6 Advantages of Playing Irish Lotto 49s Online

Today, many lottery tickets are sold online through lottery messenger brokers or services. Due to this, many benefits are evident and individuals have changed to online purchasing.

It is faster to play lotto online, compared to purchasing lottery tickets are at the store. This also applies to waiting to find out the lottery’s outcome.

If individuals go to the store to purchase tickets, it takes a longer period to process, since people need to wait for the specified period, for the lottery to be made public, so as to discover whether they are winners or not.

Playing lotto online presents the advantages below:


If at one time you have had the misfortune to lose your lottery ticket, you will understand the importance of this benefit.

As purchases are carried out online, when you utilize this technique, there is totally no danger of your winning ticket for Lotto 49s being misplaced, or having to confirm that the ticket belongs to you. Your  proof of purchase or online receipt is all you require and it is not possible to lose this.

Payouts are Guaranteed

Each year, millions of euro/pounds or dollars in lottery winnings are not claimed as individuals misplace their tickets or just overlook checking them. When one plays Lotto 49s it is not possible to miss out on their money because of forgotten checks or not claiming within the specified period of time.

Where online lottery brokers are concerned, any secondary winnings are directly paid to your account; if you are lucky enough to win the jackpot, you will obtain a notification instantly.


It is very simple and fast to purchase online from your laptop or mobile device; it is not necessary for you to go looking for a convenience store or shop; you do not use up any unnecessary cash on travel and time is not wasted on queuing.

No Geographical Limitations

With Internet, you have the power to increase your options without any physical limitations. You can reside in the UK and still play Irish Lotto 49s, although you are not in Ireland.

A lot of individuals also opt to play the huge jackpots as a lot of local lotteries do not go that high at times. When you play online, you have access to the hugest opportunities for foreign jackpot.

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Online messenger services offer the freedom to provide bundles or discounts if you purchase a specific quantity of tickets, for instance, therefore offering you more value for your cash.

Today, literally anything can be carried out online; meeting people, shopping, reading newspapers, job interviews, etc. The Internet has transformed a lot of industries and this includes the lottery industry.

The industry has been impacted by online lottery sales in three main ways: changing localized games such as Irish Lotto 49s to international games, transforming and raising player demographics as well as starting creating retailing.

Worldwide Gaming

Physical borders do not limit players anymore; using messenger services for online lottery, Americans are able to spread their lottery reach to games in Europe and vice versa. Due to this, the player base rises, as it is not restricted to particular countries any more, therefore expanding jackpots and giving rise to global excitement.

Younger Players

Canada and the UK have sold lottery tickets online for around 10 years now. Due to the shift towards digitization, this has attracted players between 16 and 24 years of age.  Before, in the United States, youthful Americans between 24 and 34 years were not as likely to purchase lottery tickets. One of the reasons was due to ancient purchasing techniques. The rise of online sales is making the younger players keen, due to the ease of utilizing a mobile device or computer, without the stress of going out and queuing.

Online Retailer Imagination

Standard offline retailers are restricted by specific regulations, in regard to promotions and pricing, while online lottery retailers are flexible. Other costing, combining jackpots and thrilling promotions like discounts on volumes of tickets that are higher attract players, therefore, inspiring them to buy.

Selling lottery tickets online does not necessarily make the offline sales market not operate and it is not its intention to do this. The additional option however, is a good change to the manner in which the industry is being operated.

Improved Winning Chances

It might sound far-fetched, since it is widely believed that it is not easy to win the lottery. But, you can greatly enhance your winning odds if you make use of the tools present online. For instance, when you play Irish Lotto 49s online, you can create lottery groups or syndicates and just purchase extra tickets and spend less money.

The group method has been had perfect and groups with pre-determined number of people taking part have been created as well as pre-determined numbers. Using improved statistics and calculations, you can be guaranteed of a win on each single draw.

This is because all possible combinations and numbers are matched with the ‘extra number’ for every lottery. This signifies that your lottery group is going to win on each draw.

Also, hot and cold numbers are used, making sure that at all times, you play digits with the highest winning probability.


From the above benefits, it is obvious that it is better to play lotto online, compared to other lottery systems. The people who have not played online yet should give it a try; they might perhaps be lucky winners!

Today, online playing of lotteries has turned in to a worldwide phenomenon from the mid-90s. The statistics are awesome, where its players and winners are concerned. Some lottery organizations are not efficient and political appointees might mismanage them also.

In the event that a person desires to play offline, these people may then seek the assistance of lottery agents to purchase tickets until the prize is won. Majority of the huger agencies retain a scanned dupilcate of the ticket, which becomes the individual’s verification of purchase.

It can therefore be concluded that it is online operations are more affordable to operate and they are also safe to play a well.

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