What Does The Average Irish Lotto Winner Look Like?

When we hear stories about people who has won the Irish Lotto, it can be hard at times to see these people playing the lotto at all. The National Lottery has created a profile of what the average Irish Lotto winner looks like using the 2016 statistics. 2016 was an interesting year because there were over 100 winners and over €200 million was won. Here are some interesting facts about what the average Irish Lotto winner looks like.

Men Win More than Women

This is an interesting point since the National Lottery disclosed that nearly 70 percent of 2016 winners were men. They also noted that over 70 percent of winners are over the age of 45. This could be due to the higher amount of older men who play the Irish Lotto.

Your Best Chances of Winning are in Dublin

When looking at the areas of where winning tickets are sold, you would find that most of the winning tickets are sold in Dublin. It also seems like being a professional driver improves your chances because over a quarter of the winners declared their job as a driver!

Irish Lotto Money

Who Do the Winners Tell?

There are a small number of winners who avoid telling their friends and family that they have won until they have claimed their winnings. However, around 40 percent of Irish Lotto winners say that the first person they told was their spouse or their girlfriend/boyfriend. This is kind of surprising because you would expect this number to be higher.

The amount of people that winners tell also varies greatly depending on the amount of money that they have won. Statistics show that the higher amount a person wins, the smaller amount of people that the winner tells before claiming their winnings.

What Do Irish Lotto Winners Do with the Money?

When most people think about winning the lottery, there is a huge list of things that they want to buy. However, once people win the lottery, the first thing that they spend their money on is to take a trip to the Caribbean. Over 45 percent of Irish Lotto winners say is the first thing that they are going to do is take a sunny holiday to celebrate.

On the topic of celebrating, about half of all winners have said that the best way to celebrate a lottery win is with a pint of their favorite beer.

What to do After the Win

It is surprising to hear how many lottery winners wish that they did not win the jackpot. There are many reasons why they dislike their winnings, but most claim that their relationships have become stressed due to the money. This could be why more Irish lotto winners are choosing to hide their wins as long as possible and even remain anonymous throughout.

There are many other prizes that are available to win on a lotto ticket. You do not have to just buy your tickets in a store because you can also play Irish lotto online. The Irish Lotto does not only give away money as lottery winnings, it also raises money for good causes in communities across Ireland. These funds have helped many individuals and community projects.

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