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Lotto millionaires disclose to latest RTE documentary how their lives have been affected after becoming winners of substantial amounts of

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A very fortunate women earned more than US $30 thousand euros in the scratch of the national lottery. The young

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According to We Won the Lotto, a documentary regarding the harsh realities of each salary slave’s dream, one should be

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Nearly fifty percent of EuroMillions and Lotto Jackpot winners from Ireland fly away to The Caribbean after winning. Today, a

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A young man from Donegal who became a Lotto winner of €283,274 has confessed that he has not told his

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In 2017 the Irish lotto game crowned 22 fresh Millionaires! Yes a total of 22 players of the Irish lottery joined

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The lucky Irish priest that became the winner of an entire €500,000 in EuroMillions has been identified as Msgnr John

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An Irish Lottery player won a €8,000 prize on Saturday night’s draw. The player chose the numbers 3, 7, 21, 22

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An Irish Lotto syndicate won a jackpot prize of almost €19 million back in 2008. The exact prize was €18,963,441 and the