What is Lotto Betting?

Lotto betting is considered to be a form of betting, the result of which depends upon the official lottery draw.

What is The Biggest Record Irish Lotto Jackpot in History?

An Irish Lotto syndicate won a jackpot prize of almost €19 million back in 2008. The exact prize was €18,963,441 and the

Make Your Own Luck – Join an Irish Lotto Syndicate For Free

Finding people, family or friends for a lottery pool and managing the pool on a weekly or daily basis seems

€500,000 Winner Today in Irish Lotto Daily Million Plus

Lottery officials have stated that the winning ticket was sold in North West Ireland to a soon to be rich

How the Irish Lotto Bet Works

The very many hopeful men and women in Ireland, who play it each week, normally refer to the Irish Lotto

Lucky Player Wins €500k in Plus 1 Draw

No one has won the €4,800,000 million Irish jackpot, a very happy Irish punter is €500k richer now after winning

Playing the Lottery Online; Things you Need to Know

Throughout history, lotteries have remained a popular game from Ancient China where a lottery-like game Keno was played to Renaissance

Best Lottery Strategies to Boost your Chances of Winning

Who doesn’t want to win the lottery? Every time you find out someone has won the lottery, you cannot help

Tourist Wins $295,000 Irish Lottery Prize

A tourist in Ireland that got caught up and stuck without a way to get back home because of Storm

The Time That One Lotto Ball Appeared To Show Two Different Numbers

Irish National Lottery officials have said that a “trick of the light” or an “illusion” that was caused by the