Irish Lotto Plus Two Draw €250,000 Prize Won in Midlands

An Irish lotto player is very lucky tonight after winning a sweet €250,000 in the Lotto Plus Two draw. A

€4.3 Million Winner From Treaty City

Limerick (Mid-West Ireland) has a €4.3 million lotto winner! The National Lottery has stated in a press release that the

A Winner of an Enormous Irish Lotto Jackpot of €8.5 Million

€8,549,067 Jackpot Win! An Irish individual is lucky to become wealthier by 8.5 million euro after winning the substantial lotto

Promotion, Irish Lotto Special! For the Month of May – Any Lotto Player Who Matches 5 Numbers + Bonus Will Win a Luxury Holiday

€20,000 Holiday For FREE Irish Lotto Special! For the month of May any Lotto Player who Matches 5 Numbers +

Bookie Pays Out Lotto Win of £33k

A bookie from Lurgan has paid out £33k and more after a bet of £6 on the Irish Lotto won

Two Players Win Match 5+ Bonus and Plus 2 Draw

2 Irish lotto players are celebrating the greatest St Patrick’s Day with a special present this year! each of them

Couple Bids Farewell to Their Work Colleagues After Winning £500,000

Now Colin and Alison Wright intend to make an early retirement following the win Is this man the most fortunate

New RTE Documentary About Lottery Winners

Lotto millionaires disclose to latest RTE documentary how their lives have been affected after becoming winners of substantial amounts of

Recent Winner Stories of Irish Lotto

A very fortunate women earned more than US $30 thousand euros in the scratch of the national lottery. The young

We Became Lotto Winners: ‘One million does not amount to much if you spend it inappropriately.’

According to We Won the Lotto, a documentary regarding the harsh realities of each salary slave’s dream, one should be