Couple Bids Farewell to Their Work Colleagues After Winning £500,000

Now Colin and Alison Wright intend to make an early retirement following the win

Is this man the most fortunate in South Wales?

63-year-old Colin Wright and Alison, his wife of 60 years, from Pontywaun, Newport recently became lottery winners of £500,000. However, it appears to be a situation that involves fate, not luck.

On Saturday, 17th February, the two were able to win £500,000.05 on the National Lottery, for Thunderball. They were unable to believe how lucky they were.

Colin said, ‘I have played the lottery from the time it began.’ ‘Usually, I play on a Tuesday as I am heading home from work. I go to Morrisons and purchase the lottery tickets; only a single line with birthday figures, and buy some alcohol.’

‘I obtained one of the slips as each week, the numbers are similar. I play on Wednesday and Saturday. You purchase and pray that you will win something. But, on Sunday morning after checking, I got a bit astonished.’

‘I yelled to Alison saying, ‘Come downstairs immediately.’ She believed I was experiencing a heart attack. As she descended the stairs, I remarked, ‘I think we have become lottery winners.’

The two rushed to the nearby Risca Post Office since on Sundays, Morrisons did not open early. Colin was dressed in just slippers and jogging trousers.

According to Colin, ‘When we entered, I was unable to talk. My son spoke to the man on the counter saying, ‘I believe my father has won the Thunderball.’

‘The machine emitted a lot of noise and one of the slips emerged. The man said: ‘I can pay a maximum of £50,000 in here; however, here there’s an excessive number of noughts.’

However, one week before the two won the jackpot, Colin had visited the pub and had experienced an odd hunch.

Alison remarked, ‘The previous week on a Sunday, we had visited the pub and Colin said, ‘I will win the lottery.’ It is very true.’

Colin also said, ‘But, I had no idea it would be that huge. I believe in fate.’

Also, the grandfather of four won a couple of scratchcards and £56 on the horses some few days afterwards after placing a £2 bet.

Now, these two who have been employed their entire lives, plan to make an early retirement and do everything they have wished to do.

Colin has been employed in Rogerstone, at Diverse Commercial Solutions, from its inception 11 years back. It is a facilities management firm. Alison has been working at a school in the locality as a nursery nurse from 25 years and more, and intends to submit her notice shortly.

Already, the two have paid a deposit for a motorhome which is totally new. They also want to book a dream holiday to Australia as well as finish paying their mortgage.

Alison remarked, ‘We wished to retire but couldn’t afford to. Before we became this lottery’s winners, that Monday we had made an appointment to meet our financial adviser. However, when we went to the office, we stated, ‘Our visit is for a different purpose. The timing was perfect.’

‘We will visit my friend in Australia. We are not in contact with Barbara, my friend. She used to be a local resident but shifted to Newcastle and met a boy. They relocated to Australia and we no longer communicated. We came across them on Facebook around two years back. So, we can now go.’

The two, who are passionate Cardiff City enthusiasts state they will also manage to spend extra time with their three kids, Kate, Casey and Sam as well as four grandchildren, such as the youngest who is only three weeks old.

Colin said, ‘It has altered our lives completely.’

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