Daily Million Results

Daily Million Results

Daily Million – Win Lots of Prizes in One Game

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The Irish National Lottery is recognized all over the world for offering some great and exciting lottery games to the people. There is plenty of variety available in games and one option that lottery fans will find at their disposal is Daily Million. This unique lottery gave provides players with the opportunity of winning lots of prizes, which also include the top prize worth €500,000. As compared to other lottery games, Daily Million is considered unique because it gives you the chance to play your chosen Daily Million numbers in a second draw and that too at 50% of the initial cost that you incurred when participating in the game.

Daily Million Draws

The draws for the Daily Million game are held on a daily basis, as its name indicates, and they are conducted at 9:30 p.m. A daily draw means that your likelihood of winning a prize is enhanced as opposed to other games that usually have two to three draws in a week. Therefore, with Daily Millions, you literally have the opportunity of becoming a millionaire every day, depending on how well you are able to match numbers with the ones that are drawn. When it comes to playing the Daily Millions, you have to select six numbers from a pool of 1 till 39.

In every single Daily Million draw, the six numbers are drawn randomly along with the bonus number. The minimum entry that can be played for Daily Million is one panel and the cost of a single panel in the game is €1. There are a total of three primary ways through which a player can participate in the Daily Million draw. The first way you can play this game is by choosing your own numbers. This means you fill out your pay slip with the six numbers that you have chosen in every panel.

Choosing Numbers

Beginners might find this task a bit challenging because they don’t have the history and experienced required for picking the winning numbers. Nonetheless, this should not act as a deterrent because you can always choose to play your lucky numbers and be able to hit the jackpot. Another way to participate in Daily Million is to use the quick pick option for selecting your numbers. Here, a machine will generate a random number combination for you to play. Most of the players who opt for this method are those who are unable to make up their mind when it comes to numbers and they are usually amateurs.

Quick Pick

The Quick Pick option is available to players on request. You can ask your lottery agent for this option and they will comply with your request. There is one more way through which you can play Daily Million and that is through the online method. If it is your first time playing online, you will have to register yourself. The good thing about this is that it doesn’t take a very long time for you to register yourself as it is done in a few minutes. As this lottery game is age restrictive, you may have to provide identification documents like driving license or passport for the purpose of confirming your age.

When you have provided copies of your identification document, you just need to click one button and your account will be activated. When you are purchasing your Daily Million lottery ticket, it is vital to ensure that everything is correctly mentioned on the ticket because any mistake may render your ticket invalid later on and will not be rectified.

Advance Play

For people who may forget to buy their Daily Million ticket or those who may be planning to travel to far off destinations, there is the option of playing in advance. This feature is known as the Daily Million Advance Play and all you have to do is select the Advance Play box on the pay slip provided to you, whether by the retailer or online. Depending on your preference, you have the option of participating in up to 7 draws in advance.

The ticket that will be issued to you will clearly outline the number of draws you have chosen as well as the dates of the respective draws. This makes it easier for a player to monitor so as to ensure they don’t miss out on a draw. If you are playing in advance and you are lucky enough to win a prize, it is possible to claim it in the same way as your regular prize. An exchange ticket will then be issued to you for covering you for the draws that are remaining in your Advance Play option. Bear in mind that your ticket is the only valid document for claiming your prize so it needs to be kept secure.

When playing Daily Million, a number of players get caught up for time due to the fact that they are not aware of when they can purchase their tickets. Just like the various other lotteries, Daily Million gives players the option of buying tickets before the draw up until 9 pm. You cannot buy tickets just before or during the draw. You can buy tickets for the current draw up until the terminal closes. The Daily Million pay slip can also be reused by the players if they wish. This is especially helpful in the case where you prefer to use the same numbers every week. This saves you from the hassle of having to fill out a new pay slip each time.

Daily Million Odds

The odds of winning the jackpot in the Irish Daily Million for now are 1 in 3,262,623. The odds of being able to match the five main numbers as well as the bonus numbers are 1 in 543,771. The odds of being able to match only five of the main numbers drawn are 1 in 16,993. The chances of a player being able to match the four main numbers and the bonus number are 1 in 6,797. The odds of participants matching just the four numbers and not the bonus one are 1 in 439. The chances of people matching three drawn numbers and also the bonus numbers are 1 in 329 whereas those of matching three numbers are 1 in 33.

In order to take home the jackpot worth €500,000, players are required to match the six numbers from the draw. In the situation where there are multiple winners for the top prize, the amount is equally divided amongst all of them. One thing that’s different about Daily Million is that in case there is no jackpot winner in a draw, the amount will not be rolled over to the next one. The second prize carries a value of €5,000 and is paid out to the players who can successfully match the five main numbers from the draw and the bonus number.

In the event that the player is able to match the five numbers, but not the bonus number, they will win the sum of €250. You can win the fourth prize when you match the four main numbers plus the bonus one and this has a value of €50. The fifth prize carries a value of €15 and is given to the player who is able to match the four numbers, but not the bonus one. The sixth prize carries a value of €5 and is given to all players who match three numbers plus the bonus number. The last and seventh prize tier in Daily Million is for players with three matching numbers and is €2.

Claiming Prizes

Every player who is able to win a prize has approximately 90 days from the date of the draw to claim their winnings. In the event that a player does not claim their winnings during this period, it will be considered forfeit. The unclaimed prize is then reallocated to a special reserves fund, which the company can use in accordance with the agreement of the regulator. As far as the claiming process is concerned, players can collect their prize from a retail sales agent by presenting their ticket, as long as the amount is in the range of €1 and €100.

However, if your price falls in the range of €101 and €2,500, you can claim them from the retail sales agent if they have enough float or you may be required to visit the prize claim center for this purpose. In the event that you have won a prize that’s higher than €2,500, which is usually in the case of the second tier or the jackpot, you will need to visit the lottery headquarters. Identification documents have to be provided before a claim for the prize can be made.

How to Win Daily Million

When it comes to winning a prize in the Daily Million, you have to boost your odds of winning as much as possible. One of the simplest ways of doing so is by buying as many tickets as possible. The downside of this option is that this will cost you a lot of money and not everyone can afford to spend that much. Plus, if you still don’t win, it can lead to huge losses. This is where it might be better to use the option of a syndicate or lottery pool.

In this situation, a group of people come together to chip in their money, which is then used to buy tickets in bulk. The more tickets you buy, the better your odds of winning. In this way, the cost of the ticket is divided amongst a number of people so one person doesn’t have to deal with the burden alone. Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that any winnings of a syndicate are also divided amongst the participants so you will win a lesser amount. But, using a syndicate means that you will win and not have go home empty-handed.

If you don’t want to make your own syndicate, you have the option of joining an online syndicate for Daily Million, which will only take you a few minutes. Other than doing so, you can also improve your chances of winning by picking the numbers that have the best odds of being drawn. How can you figure this out? Looking at the statistics is one way of doing so. Here, you study the past numbers that have been drawn in Daily Million. While it is true that lottery draws are conducted at random and no specific algorithm or formula is used, there is still a pattern that you can spot.

Some numbers are drawn more frequently than others and are called hot numbers for this purpose. On the other hand, some of the numbers don’t get selected that often and these are cold numbers. Likewise, there might be some numbers that are ‘due’. This means they have not been drawn for a while and may get picked in the next Daily Million draw. You can use this data for identifying the best numbers that will enable you to match as many numbers as possible in the Daily Million draw.

You can also choose to use numbers that are meaningful to you such as dates of important events in your life like birthdays, anniversaries and more. Age, address and other numbers can also be used. Similarly, some people have lucky numbers that work in their favor and you can use them as well. There have been lots of winners who were able to win a prize because they used the birthdays of their loved ones or sum of their ages or their lucky numbers. You can also be one of them.

In addition, it is also a good idea for players to participate in the Daily Million draw consistently and not give up. Just because your numbers were not drawn once doesn’t mean they will not be drawn in the future. Consistency can also pay off in the long run so you should not give up and play on a regular basis. Follow these tips and you can be the next Daily Million winner in no time.

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