The Dream Come True – Win the Irish lotto

The dreams of Lotto Winners are finally realized!

Winning the Lotto has always been everyone’s dream and some people have been so lucky to have their dreams come true. Below are some intriguing stories about Irish Lotto winnings.

Carol Loran has her wish come true!

Carol Loran had a simple wish.

‘At night, I would pray that my sons were all right and that the following day would be as great as the previous one.’

Jointly, this couple, which had not yet reached their first date’s one-month anniversary, has both realized their dreams.Kevin Geoghegan’s wish was a bit more detailed. ‘My wish was to become a Lotto winner.’

Kevin 46 and Carol 39, from Mullingar went to National Lottery headquarters together with 50 members of the family as well as friends yesterday to collect a €10.6m jackpot cheque and start getting used to life as the latest Lotto millionaires in the country.

For Kevin, that procedure started yesterday morning when a bank statement came via post indicating his balance was zero. For the first time, this information could afford him a laugh!

For Carol, her win seemed unreal and she still could not believe it. Aside from a new outfit from Coast for her Dublin trip, she had not even given consideration to purchasing anything.

She stated, ‘We are going on a short holiday.’ She was referring to her initial spending where she and Kevin would go somewhere sunny for a while, to spend time alone. She laughingly said that she needed to familiarize herself with him.

In spite of working at Boylesports, Carol who is a single mother of 5 sons, does not usually bet, even though when she decided to take a chance on romance with Kevin, that is when she won!

Kevin a divorced father of three had attempted numerous times to convince her to go on a date with him. On May 11, she at last gave in to a first date and purchased the winning Lotto ticket to the previous week’s midweek draw in the nearby Tesco after he gave her half the cost of a Quick Pick ticket and encouraged her to match it and give it a try.

That move saw them go to Dublin yesterday by Rolls Royce, which was driven by a chauffeur.  According to Kevin, he would quit his factory work at Trend Technologies where he has been employed for 26 years. He intends to spend quality time on the tropics.

Irish Lotto Ticket

However, Carol plans to return to work; she has been undergoing training here to become a cashier. Kevin intends to give his children the best and Carol is worried that she will spoil her children, whom she refers to as angels.

According to her, so far they have not requested for anything. They are aware that if they exceed their demands, their mother will say no. Fortunately for the two, Kevin does not share Carol’s principle.

Kevin says that he has always had a feeling that he would be a Lotto winner.

Grandmother Wins Lotto Prize of €1 m after winning jackpot for Daily Millions

A grandmother got lucky when she won a prize of €1,000,000. She collected this money after winning the jackpot in the draw for Daily Millions on Monday night.

The jubilant lady from Dublin picked her winnings following her purchase of  €3 quick pick at Eurospar store in Kinsealy Swords at Feltrim Shopping Centre.

Encircled by her grandchildren and family at Lotto HQ before, she stated, ‘ Today, I believe I am the most fortunate lady in Ireland. It’s not everyday that I engage in playing Daily Million. I normally play Daily Millions on particular days when Euro Millions and Lotto draws are not on.

‘However, for me it has been an extremely lucky game. I became winner of a scratch card for free on it some Christmases back and I won €500 on the scratch card.’

‘That year this gave me fulfillment during my Christmas. This win however, made me astounded!’

The lady, who does not wish her identity to be disclosed, found out about her good luck while examining her digits on her mobile phone in the evening on Monday at work.

She stated, ‘I thought I ought to have visited Specsavers as my ticket’s numbers were similar to the Lottery website’s results page on my smartphone and this just had to be wrong!’

‘It was not possible for me to be that fortunate! I therefore enquired from a friend at work to check the numbers again for me.’

‘He remarked, ‘It does appear that you are the one,’ and hugged me. He said I deserved it as I was a wonderful person.’

She also said ‘I still find it hard to believe. I am too composed and I think it’s because it has not yet sunk in.’

According to this lucky lady, she would use the cash on her immediate family and give herself a nice treat. She said she would care for her kids and ensure they were all right.

‘This week, one of my children is purchasing an engagement ring and I will certainly give him assistance with that as well as a party to commemorate this.’

She also said she had very many plans for her home, a huge renovation on her entire home and a new kitchen. She might even request Dermot Bannon, the man from the television to assist her with the plans!

‘I will purchase another car also; Ford Fiestas present great cars, so perhaps one like that.’

‘And a wonderful vacation also. Later in the year, my birthday comes up, therefore, it would be lovely for me to have a big party also,’ stated the winner while sipping champagne.

Irish Lotto Form

She also said, ‘In the end, you shall leave it all here. I plan to use this cash on the individuals I love and some for myself and really enjoy myself!’

The Lotto jackpot tonight shall be an approximate of €4.5 whereas this Friday, the EuroMillions will be approximately €70 million.

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