The Dream of the Irish Lotto Winner Has Finally Come True

All of us have dream about winning the Irish Lotto jackpot prize, some of us even have an outline of their plan. However, for one fruit vendor, the dream to win the lotto jackpot has finally turned into a reality. Along with the excitement and fun on winning the jackpot, he instantly discovered the hardship that comes with this great fortune. He realized that it will not only change the life of your family, but it will also change the perspective of the community towards you. After a lot of publicities, the man quickly returned to anonymity not only due to the amount of cash requests that he received but also due to the mindset of other people.

The Story of the Irish Lotto Winner Who Continue to Play Lotto

The winner (who wishes to stay anonymous) of the Irish Lotto, still buys his lotto tickets regularly. He still bet on the numbers that relates to the age of his family members. It been more than 2 years since he won the major prize and he can still remember the excitement of that day. Normally, he will not check the Irish Lotto results until Monday, but he found out about the good news on a Sunday night. He was shocked and happy. He claimed his winning prize on the next Thursday at the Lotto department in Dublin.

After collecting his money, he still went to work where some people will comment on why he continued to work as a fruit vendor when he can already retire and live a luxurious life with the money that he won. Some of them also said how fortunate he is and how money tends to follow money, what they do not know is that he lets his financial adviser handles his investment while he focuses on his small fruit stand. “They don’t know that I spent at least 15 hours when I was still selling fruits”, he said casually. Some people will also question the price of his fruits claiming that it was too expensive and he has to lower his price considering that he already won the Irish Lotto jackpot prize. Eventually, he had to give in and retire early on his work.

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He said that he can’t complain with his life; he is living a carefree life and he no longer worry about money. He has a wonderful partner now and four children who are studying in the best university in Ireland. He is also planning to start a new business venture like a mobile café where he can move to different parts of the city. He still receives that comment from different people and random jokes about his Irish Lotto winnings but that no longer affects him. He is a millionaire, and he gladly embraced that fact now.

He is also thankful that he is perfectly healthy. His relationship with his wife and kids is also a lot better now. He said that he believes that his true gift from God is his family and the Irish Lotto jackpot serves as his bonus.

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