Dynamic Duo of County Carlo scoops more than €200,000 in Lotto 5

People from all over the world are playing Irish lotteries more than ever before. Many purchase their tickets through concierge services while others form syndicates with the local citizens. The government, on the other hand, is concerned about rising trends in the international players. The reason is that a large number of cash prizes are spent abroad rather than being spent locally. In order to facilitate local citizens to make the most out of their county’s lottery, the scratch card lotteries have been introduced which allow citizens to peel off the top of their ticket to know then and there if they have won a cash prize or not.

Organizers have played an important role in marketing Irish lotteries all over the world. The web portals provide easy to use interface, attractive color schemes and employ cutting-edge SEO techniques to increase the number of visitors on their websites. With multiple options to chose from, players can buy their e-tickets from these websites in a matter of a few minutes. When people win lottery jackpots in Ireland, they want to celebrate the moment with their loved ones. This is one of the reasons many Irish lottery winners from different parts of the country travel with a whole caravan to big cities like Dublin to collect their cash prize!

Bin collectors from Ballon win nearly a quarter of a million dollars in the lottery

John and Barry were en route their daily destination to pick up trash from a local dumpster when one of them decided to stop at a store to purchase a lottery ticket. Both trash pickers work at Ray Whelan Waste Management company and collect rubbish on a daily basis. John was the one who forced Allan to form a minim syndicate with him to buy a group ticket. Initially, Allan was quite reluctant to form a syndicate because he had never played an Irish lottery game before. Thanks to his mate’s idea, the pair have pocketed a hefty amount of money in the lottery jackpot.

Lottery regulations have significantly changed in the past few years, previously if no winner came to bag their prize, the amount was forfeited back to the lottery organizers. However, with the passage of time as the game has become more and more famous amongst the local residents, the stakes have been raised by carrying the unclaimed amount forward in the next draw. This is what happened with these two players as the original prize for the lotto 5 draw was €25,000 but the stakes were raised as no claim was made in the last few draws.

The winner has decided that they will continue on with their normal job as it keeps them busy and happy. In their view, money can buy you a lot of things but not happiness and they are contended with what they have done with their lives so far.

How to increase your chances of winning an Irish lotto?

Some of the most popular ways to increase the probability of getting your hands on to the bumper prize include:

Betting rather than ‘playing’ a lottery

The number of candidates taking part in the Irish lotteries has grown significantly over time. The odds of winning a jackpot in some of the country’s most popular lotteries are nearly 1 in 10 million, therefore it is getting harder for the participants to win any significant amount of money in these lottery games. However, rather than buying a regular lottery ticket, you can bet on certain numbers to occur in the lottery draw. If your guess turns out to be correct then you can increase your wealth by many folds.

Buy group tickets

Just like the trash collectors from Ballon, you can increase your chances of winning a lottery by forming syndicates with your friends, family or co-workers. Some of the largest jackpot prizes in the history of Irish lottery have been won by lottery syndicates or ‘cartels’. If ten people combine together to form a cartel and buy a group ticket, and one of them wins the lottery jackpot, then the prize is equally distributed among all members of the group. With the introduction of online portals, lottery syndicates are being formed by a group of people who come from all walks of life and from many different parts of the world.

Use random numbers

Researchers who study historical lottery results on a regular basis have found out that there is no such thing as a lucky number in a lottery ticket. In fact, numbers selected in a lucky draw are completely random in nature and are more or less uncorrelated from the past draws. Therefore, often times, it is recommended that you select your numbers on a completely random basis. This may increase your chances of winning a large sum of money in a lottery draw.

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket

If you are a regular lottery player, you should try different types of lotteries on different days of the week. This may diversify your investment in many different games. When you are playing more than one games at a time, you might win some and lose some, end eventually off-set your losses with your wins.

What you should do with a lottery win?

Winning a jackpot prize is one thing but preserving your cash for a long period of time is another. Therefore, you should have a fair idea about how you will utilize your financial gains in order to have a healthy lifestyle even after your retirement.

One of the first things that you should do with your money is to diversify it into multiple asset classes. Start by looking out for properties that can give you a high return on a long-term basis. If you can buy multiple houses in decent localities then don’t hesitate to do so. You can give these properties on rent and earn some amount of passive income on a regular basis. Next, you should put some amount in gold so that you can preserve your wealth for your future generations. Finally, spend a certain amount on yourself by taking a break from your regular routine and visit your ideal destination anywhere in the world. The more firmly you keep your feet on the ground, the longer you will be able to preserve your newly found wealth. Therefore, the only thing that you should never do after a lottery win is to tell your boss that you will not be coming to work form tomorrow!

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