An Excellent Way for the Year to End! Lucky Lotto Winner Hits the Biggest 2017 Jackpot With a £24.5 Million Prize

The end of the year will be thrilling for the lucky winner of the lottery who has emerged to claim a jackpot worth £24.5 million in the year’s most significant win. In Wednesday’s draw, the top prize was available for winning; the jackpot rolled down when no-one managed to match all the six digits.

A ticket matched five digits and the bonus ball, and won £24,501,283 which is 2017’s most significant lotto prize. Camelot, which manages the draw, stated on Saturday that a stake for the major prize has been made.

National Lottery’s senior adviser for winners stated, ‘This prize is remarkable from a fascinating Lotto draw, and we are eager to assist the holder of this ticket to adapt to their latest millionaire way of life.’

‘It has been an incredible 2017 for players of National Lottery, and a whopping 358 millionaires were produced.’

‘I will treat myself to a glass of chilled Champagne with the owner of this ticket to celebrate.’

Payment of the cash will be at a ticket validation appointment; this should occur when banks are in operation. After this, the ticket-owner will decide whether to publicise their win. The winning digits were 18 – 36 – 48 – 57 – 58 -5 and there were 21 prizes for the draw.

A 55-year-old care assistant, Mrs. Aldridge, remarked that she would continue performing her shift of 12 hours on Christmas Day. This year, the second major Lotto prize was in June when a player won £21 million. The third one was in March when a ticket-holder won £19.1 million.

The most substantial prize this year was won by an unidentified player of EuroMillions who became £87 million richer in June. In this same month, another ticket-holder whose identity remained secret won the year’s biggest Lotto of £21.3 million.

Lucky Dip WinnersThis December, Patricia & Robert Aldridge became Lucky Dip winners of £1million, marking an early Christmas for them! The couple resides in Slough, Berkshire in a home worth £290,000. They are not allowing the win to excite them too much, and say that nothing will change because of the win.

The family had an ordinary Christmas celebration on a different day because Mrs. Aldridge was on duty in a care home on the day.

Other Major Lottery Wins

At the beginning of this year, Tommy & Linda Parker, a retired couple became £5,014,254 Lottery draw winners. The Prestonpans, East Lothian couple won the significant amount in October and intend to construct a home and embark on a joint cruise. Also, they wish to assist their kids and grandkids with the cash.

Early this year, a lady with four children also became lucky. She annulled her benefits and shifted from her council home following a lottery win of £14.5 million a few months after she broke up with her ex-partner. He never received any money.

Thirty-seven-year-old Beverley Doran purchased the lucky dip ticket after she won £50 on the draw, becoming a millionaire after she matched six digits on EuroMillions.

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