Family of Nine Wins Half a Million Euros in the Irish Lottery

Irish lotteries are a fun way to spend time with family and friends for a quick chat about lucky numbers and a large number of prizes distributed in the game. Some people are lucky enough to increase their investment in a lottery ticket more than a hundred times after winning the game. Lottery events in Ireland are broadcasted over national TV, radio and even the social media. Winners of these lotteries have helped their whole family to emerge out of the long and hard financial struggle to make their ends meet on a daily basis. One such story is of a military paramedic from Kildare county who won a large sum of money in the country’s national lottery.

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Curragh Family who won €500,000 in the mid-year 2017

Nearly $100 million have been distributed in Irish lottery prizes on an annual basis in the past few years. Jim Carroll and his Wife have been playing the lottery for over two and a half decades hoping to win a jackpot one day. In July 2017, their wishes finally came true as the head of the family won €500,000 in the national lottery. With seven children between them, the Carrol family decided to treat themselves with a couple of brand-new Nissan Sedans and decided to spend the rest on their seven children.

Although army training has made him quite tough, Jim was not prepared for this kind of surprise. He came to know about the lottery win while he was doing his regular evening shift. He was so shocked that he decided to remain off-duty the next day. He told his boss that he would not be able to concentrate on his work as he was overjoyed and too excited to perform his daily tasks.

The town where Carroll family lives is a small society mostly occupied by military personnel. The news of his win spread like wildfire in the community and phones started ringing very soon. To pick up his lottery win, Jim arrived with a battalion of family and friends who took part in celebrating his win. People in the armed forces have been quite lucky in the recent draws as a 20 soldier third infantry battalion won almost the same amount of money 12 months before Jim Carroll’s win.

Amongst their seven children are three girls and four boys between the ages 10 and 30. To ensure that everyone remains happy in the family, the Carrolls sold their old cars for a scrappage deal before buying the new ones.

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Why it is important to plan for a lottery win

Winning a lottery jackpot is a life-changing experience that only a few are able to witness in their own lives. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to preserve their newly found wealth for a long period of time. Some can lose too much money too quickly and may end up in more debt than they initially were before the winnig the lottery game. The simple reason behind this fact is that people are not able to spend their newly found wealth in a wise and responsible manner. They are carried away by their emotions and end up fulfilling their ‘wishes’ rather than their ‘dreams’. Therefore, it is always important that you have a fair idea about how you will spend such a high amount of money to meet your current and future needs.

In order to do your planning, you need to take advise and learn from the mistakes that other lottery winners have made in the past. A quick review of how jackpot winners were able to change their lives for the better or for worse can help you understand how you should spend your newly found wealth. You should always try to invest some of your wealth in lucrative assets that will appreciate over time. Some of these investments may also generate passive income for you in the long run. Investing in real estate can help you generate monthly rent even after you retire from your normal job. This can help you remain independent and maintain financial stability in old age. Buying precious metal like gold and platinum can help you to preserve your wealth for your future generations. In many parts of the world, gold is converted into jewelry which is provided as gifts to young people so that they can wear it and also use it to gain access to some extra cash in their hour of need.

It is always wise not to seek a lot of public attention after you win a lottery game. Unwanted publicity can attract scammers and hackers to gain access to your wealth by forging your IDs or signatures. Sometimes, these people can create fake NGOs and ask you for money for an apparently good cause. Once you transfer the amount to their account, you will never know where it will end up. The best way to keep your life private after a jackpot win is to continue with your regular lifestyle. You should not quit your job and visit the same grocery store to buy the same loaf of bread that you did before becoming a rich person.

Increasing your chances of winning an Irish lottery

There are multiple ways to increase your chances of winning a lottery. Some of the most popular ones are mentioned below:

Use Random Numbers – Some experts suggest that there is no lucky number that can guarantee you a lottery win. In fact, the whole event is based on a random selection of six or seven numbers that make up a lucky draw. Hence, it is suggested that you select your numbers at random, which may increase your chances of winning the lottery.

Form a cartel – Friends, family members or colleagues who want to increase their chances of winning a lottery do so by purchasing group tickets. If anyone of the group members wins a lottery, they have to distribute their earnings equally with the rest of the group.

Check historical results – If you want to select a lucky number for your lottery ticket, you should check past results to see which digits appeared the most in the lucky draw. This can help you make a decision about which numbers you want to choose for your lottery draw.

Winning a lottery jackpot is once in a lifetime opportunity. Therefore, it is very important that you spend your winnings wisely to preserve your wealth for a long period of time.

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