Revealed: How Irish Lotto Winners Splash Their Cash

What do Irish Lotto winners do after they have won big?

Many people have thought about what they would do if they won the lottery, it’s one of the most common places to take a day dream to, so we thought we would look into some of the winners of the irish lotto and see what they did after they won it big, you’ll be surprised with a few:

Firstly, the information in this article on irish lotto winners is taken from a recent survey of winners who have won at least €100,000 in the irish lotto, with the survey taking place over the last 6 months.

One of the most surprising answers we from these findings is that only 5% of the people we asked (IRISH LOTTO winners of more than €100,000) said that they were planning to quit their job. So, 95% of IRISH LOTTO winners decide to continue with their day-to-day jobs after their cash windfall…we definitely thought that this would be more.

We asked a number of questions in the survey with the most revealing answers coming from when we asked “what was the first big purchase/s you made after winning on the irish lotto”

Irish lotto winners – First Big Purchase

The overwhelming answer for the first big purchase was house. Over 45% of the irish lotto winners questioned said that a house was their first, or was going to be their first big purchase with their newfound lotto wealth.

After buying the house, or for those irish lotto winners that don’t need the house, the next most common answer was, in order, a walk-in wardrobe, a hot tub & electric gates. So, it looks like irish lotto winners are pretty consistent that they want to spend their money on a new home, and if they don’t need a new home then they will spend their money on improving the home that they currently have.

Some other interesting, and peculiar findings from the survey included that 42% of the irish lotto winners questioned said that they used a quick-pick rather than choose their numbers themselves, whereas almost 30% had played their birthdays as one of the winning numbers.

We asked the lucky winners if they had any interest in purchasing a car, and if so, which one. To our surprise almost 1/3 of the winners we asked said that their dream car to buy after winning the irish lotto was a Ferrari. Two big German automakers Audi & Mercedes were close behind with no one saying that a BMW was their preferred luxury car to buy.

It is common to think that once you have won the lottery your whole life changes but from this survey we have taken some very different findings than what we assumed beforehand.

The vast majority of people questioned said that they would continue with their day jobs, indeed, over half said that they would continue to live their lives just as they did before their irish lotto windfall, over half said that their being financially secure was by far the best thing that had happened as a result of their lotto win.
What would you do if you won the irish lotto? Would it be a house, car, hot tub and walk-in wardrobe, or is financial security your number one concern also?

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