Inspiring Irish Lotto Winner’s Stories

Even if you may not have won the jackpot in the Irish Lotto yet, it is always nice to hear and read stories of those who have – The following stories we have found on Irish Lotto winners will amaze, distress and make you laugh!

Bad Days

The first story is that of Irish Lotto winner Greg Smith. Greg was a self-professed “unlucky man” and he was not having a good start to this day or week. According to the story Greg was a little too drunk and ended up in a bit of bother with the local police force. This time his encounter didn’t go as well as the previous two times he was stopped for be drunk and he spent the night in the cell, freed the next day with a charge for being drunk and disorderly – not a good start to the week – But things were about to change.

You see Greg has always been a lottery player, ever since the Irish Lotto first came out he had set up a standing order and would play every draw. Four days after his unfortunate run in with the Irish police he was sat at home (with a beer!) checking his emails to find one message with the subject line “You’re an Irish Lotto Winner!” When Greg opened the email he must have really thought he was drunk. Greg won just under $13 million! Now he can afford to buy himself some land where he can get as drunk as he wants without the fear of an arrest!

Fill In Irish Lotto Numbers

The Post Break up Win

You can’t make this up: A married couple that going through divorce proceedings both play the lottery. Nothing too strange so far, here’s where it gets weird. Both the man (Pat) and woman (Margagret) separately chose the same jackpot winning Irish Lotto numbers! They split the prize between them (even choosing to drive separately to the Irish Lotto offices to collect their winnings!) Unfortunately, the lotto win did not help their relationship and they continued with divorce proceedings – Money can’t buy you everything!


Charity & Lotto Luck

Usually the story of lotto winners has to contain a segment on what the winners plan to spend their newfound fortune on – will it be a house, a new Ferrari or just a yacht to travel the world. The only thing that seems to hold back lotto winners from buying everything under the sun is the size of the jackpot. This is the story of an Irish Lotto winning woman who acted very differently to the norm. Thanks to her husband’s insistence Marie decided to buy a lotto ticket at the 11th hours. Marie Mckibbins instantly knew what she would do with her $1.5 million lotto win…split it between family & two charities that she has volunteered for in the past.


Lotto Winners Living on Welfare – After They Won!

This is the story of a couple from Nottingham that jackpotted in a recent draw and won millions. Jean & Michael O’shea lived in a council estate in Linton, Nottingham…and they still live there! Despite winning a fortune and buying a property and land out in the midlands the couple stay in their council house and there is nothing that can legally stop them receiving the same benefits they did before they were lotto winners. According to the local council the benefits are not handed out on a solely needs basis and seeing as the couple has qualified in the past there is nothing to stop them qualifying now. Really? Not even the millions of pounds that they just won!

AS you can imagine this story has ignited the local news and people, with the lotto winners becoming a love/hate figure of their community.


Irish Lotto Future Winners

These 3 stories may be interesting and fun to read but what about future winners. The one thing that all these people had in common is that they played the Irish Lotto. If you don’t play, you don’t win.


Good luck picking your lotto numbers and do not forget check the irish lotto results!

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