Interesting Facts about Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto started in 1988 immediately the Irish government approved the National Lottery Act. This act offers backing to numerous sections of the society like health, sports, arts, welfare as well as national history.

The initial Irish Lotto drawing occurred on 16 April 1988. From the time it was began, the Lotto has attained an excess of €36 billion to provide support to the Irish community. All profits are kept in the national lottery fund and are shared at the Minister of Finance’s discretion. 2/3 of Ireland adult population has engaged in playing Irish Lotto lottery from when it began. The game’s style has altered all through the 24 years it has been in operation.

The Irish Lottery begins with a €2 million jackpot. It is possible for the second prize to go up to €25,000. The highest jackpot that won with Irish lottery is €9,505,290. This record went unbeaten for 10 years.

The record was broken once more in 2008 by Irish lottery, when the jackpot went up to €18,963,441. A syndicate team of 16 people from a concrete factory won this jackpot.

How Irish Lotto Operates

To engage in playing Irish Lotto, you should choose six digits from 47 digits. In addition, you need to select a bonus ball. Additionally, lotto offers two more games; Lotto Plus 1 & Lotto Plus 2.

Draws for the lottery take place at 8pm on Wednesday and Saturday. You are able to utilize the quick pick option for random selection of the lottery numbers. To enhance your prospects of winning a prize, you need to enable the option for Lotto Plus 1 as well as Lotto Plus 2.

The minimum jackpot that Irish Lotto provides is €1.2 million. The highest amount for the jackpot is set at €13.83 million. But, this maximum cap just provides a temporary setting since the organizers of the lottery have said they are endeavoring to make huger jackpots worthwhile for winners.

Other than citizens from Ireland, players in the UK can also take part in playing the jackpot, following UK gambling commission regulations. Your prospects of being a winner of Irish lotto are four times better compared to the prospects of becoming winner of UK lotto.

UK players need to play at least two likes for each ticket. You can raise your winning prospects by playing more in order to play Lotto Plus games. The playing option for the syndicate is becoming famous of late, particularly after syndicates win jackpots.

Irish Lotto Form

With extra digits, prospects of winning increase. Syndicates enable winnings to be shared, which is a great incentive for the group.

Regulations for Irish Lotto lottery


So as to play Irish lotto, you need to be at least 18 years old. The three draws are famously referred to as Main draw, 2nd draw & 3rd draw.  Depending on what you like, you are able to play 6 numbers or 7 numbers.


It goes without saying that the bonus ball raises your prospects of being a lottery winner. You need to place your bets prior to 7pm on the draw days.


To become winner of the jackpot lottery, you need to match each of the six digits. Various other prizes are provided, enabling you to buy €3 scratchcard to become winner of some amazing prizes. With the scratchcard, you can become winner of a prize by matching two digits as well as the bonus ball. The prize value rises as you match extra digits. You need to claim your prize 90 days after winning the lottery.


The prize money is not taxed if you reside in Republic of Ireland. But, the taxes are applicable if you reside outside Ireland. The latest rules state that no limit exists on how many times the Irish lotto is able to roll over.

Winning Irish Lotto


To become a lottery winner, you need to play many times. The option for Lotto Advanced play enables you to play lottery for one month, in advance. You can still win huge prizes, even if you are not able to hit the jackpot when you play Lotto plus games in 2nd and 3rd draw.

Irish Lottery Logo

Players who engage in playing Lotto plus game shall also have the opportunity of playing Lotto Plus Raffle draw, winning €300. A raffle number of four digits shall be issued to you at random. In case you match the whole number, you can become a winner of the raffle.


No lucky digits are present in the Irish lotto. Hot and cold digits are not important. Selecting digits that are pertinent to the calendar is not going to assist you much in winning the lottery. Actually, in the whole history of lottery, the calendar plan has just helped win 6% of the times. Where Irish lotto is concerned, digits are repeated often.


This signifies that you are able to greatly enhance your prospects of winning by playing with digits selected depending on previous outcomes. The digits are repeated in 3 to 4 continuous draws.

Using Irish lotto, you are able to enhance your winning prospects with strategies, rather than depending on pure luck. The only issue is that you are not able to easily foretell which digit is going to be repeated in the draws’ success.

The possibility theory shall assist you immensely, in enhancing your winning prospects.

Selecting the most ideal Irish Lotto digits


To become a winner of the most ideal digits in Irish lottery, you need to concentrate on the winning designs. You just require getting the designs that present the most ideal winning prospects and then integrating those designs in your picks.

In Irish lottery, a 3 high and 3 low mixture and a mixture of 2 high as well as 4 low has become lottery winner 31% of the time. Rather than splitting your digits as high and low, select digits in high, mid as well as low range groups. You need to attain a balance in digits by selecting 3 odd and 3 even digits that have become lottery winners 32.88% of the times.


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