Ireland’s Online Gambling

There is a projection that each year punters in Ireland gamble more than €5 billion which is equal to €14 million each day. 2% and more of Irish grownups gamble online frequently and 12% visit bookmakers every week.

It is possible that the sector does not do well in a number of other European and English-speaking states, but there is no doubt that in the previous decade massive development has taken place.

This considerable stream in spending has compelled key gambling brands throughout the globe to particularly focus on the gambling market in Ireland, such as For each of the Irish punters who seek the ideal Ireland-specific betting tips and bonuses, visit (Irish version).

However, in spite of its obvious spread, many people, including its inhabitants are not familiar with Emerald’s structure of online and land gambling.

Comprehending the impacts of the Betting (Amendment) Act approved in 2015 will assist in clarifying some of the mix up. However, Ireland’s online gambling involves more than merely the regulations.

Therefore, read on to discover more crucial factors!

Does Ireland Permit Online Gambling?

Yes, because the Betting (Amendment) Act was passed in 2015; online gambling in Ireland is mainly legal since all remote operators, despite whether they are online or not and regardless of their location, conducting business in Ireland makes them legible to taxation and licensing in Ireland.

Before 2015, the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956 presented the key document that controlled Irish gambling. Some of its specifics appeared different from the present gambling world; most of the original regulation was still fundamental, although adjustments were carried out.

In 2010, the law was evaluated after complaints that they were becoming more and more dated and that they were giving the local authorities ‘all or nothing’ directive (either agreeing to all types or prohibiting it entirely).

The online gambling regulation was initially evident on Irish statute books controlled by the Horses and Greyhound Racing Act of 2001 that enabled Irish players to bet with online bookmakers residing abroad. After that, in 2015, Michael D. Higgins, the Irish President signed the Betting (Amendment) Act on 15 March, turning it into law.

The law was incepted as a solution to the obsolete Betting Act 1931 that was also unsuccessful in handling and explaining the eruption of online gambling such as the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956.

Currently, the Betting Act (Amendment) sets out all regulation of Irish gambling including between overseas operators and Irish inhabitants.

The development of Bingo and Online Poker in Ireland

In Ireland, Poker presents an extremely famous game. Actually, the ‘Paddy Power Irish Open’ describes a poker tournament that is among the most significant of its type in the globe.

The game’s fame has facilitated the switch to online poker rooms; here, Irish players have fun with poker games everyday, all day. Online bingo illustrates another game that is very famous; about 44% of the grownup population plays frequently.

Ireland’s Most Famous Betting Markets

  1. Horse Racing
  2. Greyhound Racing
  3. Football
  4. Gaelic Football
  5. Hurling

Where sports betting is concerned in Ireland, horse racing and greyhound racing have a lengthy background and a massive following mainly due to the betting tradition associated with it. The Irish state is especially keen in their regulation and fame because of the levies and taxes that they produce.

Regarding traditional sports, Gaelic and hurling football are both famous. Bookmakers in Ireland provide a huge variety of betting markets for Gaelic and hurling football. However, as you may expect, conventional football betting remains a leader in the betting market in the aggressive Irish gambling market.

Defining Gaelic Football

For many centuries, the sport that is currently referred to English-speakers as Gaelic football was termed as ‘Caid.’ It was only in the 19th century that it was given its latest name when the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) implemented a playing code for the game towards the end of the 19th century.

There are two teams consisting of 15 players and the aim is to score by striking or kicking the circular ball beneath or above the crossbar of the opposing team.  A score of one point is made for the former while three is made for the latter.

Where match attendance is concerned, it is indeed the most famous game in Ireland; however, it is just in the previous decade that an obvious increase in fame was experienced in Gaelic football betting. A key cause of this is the thrilling choices provided by football betting markets that caters to players who are keen on spread betting. The high point sums amassed in matches make it ideal for this.

Irish Online Gambling’s Future

In Ireland, online gambling future seems promising after the endorsement of the Betting Act 2015. Most people view it as an expanding sector. One research expected that since it is currently regulated, by 2020 to the economy Ireland online gambling might be valued at €7.5 billion.

The fame of sports betting, greyhound and horse racing in particular, as well as bingo has no indication of decreasing. Therefore, as long as Ireland persists in its present trend of revising its gambling regulations, the term ‘Irish luck’ shall go on being challenged.

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