Irish Lotto – Know What Numbers to Avoid & Save Money

Lotto players who select their lottery numbers without thinking are destined to be losers even if the draw has not yet taken place. A simple and effective way to move the odds into your favor is to know which number combos to avoid and therefore which number combos to stick to. This and this alone can give you the advantage that will increase your chances of winning a big time Irish Lotto jackpot.

We have gathered some techniques together and put them down for all to see. Remember, use these tips as much as you feel they are helpful. Without further ado, let’s begin

I won the irish lotto?

Lotto Numbers That Have Been Drawn Before

This is a contested technique to say the least. There are a lot of lotto players who like to pay numbers that have previously come out. They choose the exact same line as the previous week jackpot winning numbers. I don’t know where to begin with the logic behind this tactic as it appears that there isn’t any. TO put this tactic into terms that may highlight its lack of use – Its literally like getting a double jackpot win one week after a the next. We don’t know where this Irish Lotto tip came from, and it certainly is popular but we can’t support it as the numbers don’t add up.

Lotto Numbers in Consecutive Order

This is another odd tactic that is equally popular among Irish Lotto players. The idea here is that all number combinations have an equal chance of showing up, so why wouldn’t they come out in order. Following this logic, you can select the numbs 1,2,3,4,5 & 6.

Although the math may not highlight the lack of intelligence behind this tip the facts on the ground do. Since the conception of the lottery and the State backed lottery (over 60 years) there has never once, not once, been a drawing of consecutive numbers. On to the next Irish Lotto tip.

Same Digit Lotto Fallacy

This is a classic one – selected your Irish Lotto numbers to all have the same number ending (such as 5,15,25,35…) Again, much like the consecutive numbered fallacy this does not help to increase your chances of winning at all but rather, makes it harder to hit an Irish Lotto jackpot following strict provability laws.

Irish Lotto Quick Lotto Picks

Many players opt for a quick pick (also known as a lucky dip) option. I believe that the psychological rationale behind this action is that the lotto is all based on luck, therefore it is just as likely that numbers I choose will come as it is likely that the random lucky dip numbers will come out. Added to this, there is an evolutionary root to opting for the lucky dip as it removes the possibility of making a ‘mistake’ on your side. You have no one to blame but the lucky dip machine – if the numbers didn’t come out it is really the machines fault, and you do not have to take any guilt home.

This is a powerful psychological too but don’t be fooled – There is nothing in a lucky dip that will help increase you chances of winning the Irish Lotto. You should, if you have the time, selected your own Irish Lotto numbers and not rely on a machine that is picking completely random sections.


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