An Irish Lotto Participant Wins 2 Million Euros

As millions of people try their luck in playing lotto, an Irish Lotto jackpot winner has every reason to smile. In Carrick-on-Shannon, County Leitrim, and one person bought a ticket with hopes that they would hit the jackpot little did they know they would definitely be the winners?

The Big Win after the Irish Lotto Results

The participant who is yet to collect the fortune managed to match all the six numbers. The draw that saw the participant snap the prize was done on May 31, 2017, with numbers 15, 31, 33, 34, 36 and 43 being drawn. The Bonus Ball was 39. The win will see the participant pocket 2,000,000 Euros which is such a huge amount. More than 22,000 who had bought tickets became some of the Irish Lotto winners in history after winning different types of prizes. It was a night that saw the winner turn into a millionaire instantly considering that he or she had bought on the day before the draw.

90 Days to Claim the Reward

According to the rules of the Irish Lotto is that after the results have been announced, a winner has to claim the reward in 3 months. Since the winner had not claimed the reward by June 1, 2017, they were given 90 days to do so.

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Where the Participant Bought the Ticket

There are authorized dealers where you can choose your lucky numbers and purchase a ticket. It was along Dublin Road at Kennedy’s Topaz Filling Station in Carrick-on-Shannon where the ticket was sold. According to the local news is that there is a sense of excitement as everyone is waiting to learn more about the winner. Everyone feels like they are the winner. The owner of the store hoped that the winner was a local as this would mean the local trade would be 65 percent with a passing trade of 35 percent. Joking about selling the winning ticket and the winner, he said he will be on the lookout for anyone driving a new car after this one of the Irish lotto winners claims the reward.

A Consecutive Win for Second Draw in a Row for the Irish Lotto

This is the second jackpot of Irish lotto draw to be won in a row according to the Irish Lotto results. Before the 2 million Euro jackpots were won, another lucky winner had pocketed 4.5 million Euros on the previous draw a week before. The previous winner was from Dublin. The new millionaire is now planning on how to execute the long-time dreams.

Anyone can be a lucky winner of Irish Lotto jackpot as long as they purchasing their tickets. They can do so at an authorized retailer while in Ireland or choose their numbers online. There are always huge prizes to be won. One thing you should know is that you cannot be a consistent winner as there are times you will lose and there are times you will win.

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