How Irish Lotto Statistics Can Help You Win the Lottery

Most people think that winning the Irish Lotto comes down to luck. However, a closer look at the Irish Lotto statistics will show that winning the lottery is really about the numbers that you pick. Here are just a few ways that you can improve your chances of winning the jackpot using past Irish Lotto results and statistics.


  1. Cold and Hot Numbers do not Work


There are many people who create their own combinations based on the last Irish Lotto results. This leads them to pick numbers that appear most often and avoid the ones that do not come up. The truth is that cold and hot numbers do not matter, because of the randomness of the way the numbers are drawn.


  1. Focus on the Winning Patterns


Renato Gianella, a Brazilian mathematician, found that you can predict the numbers that are more likely to appear by looking at the past results. He believes that the key to winning the lotto is finding the patterns that happen most often. Many times, it does take some time to figure out the winning patterns, but luckily all the past Irish Lotto results are posted online.


  1. There are Four Winning Patterns


Understanding the Law of Large Numbers is important, especially if you are trying to improve your chances of winning the Irish Lotto. This is not a complex idea since the law of large numbers states that when an event happens many times, the results should be close to the expected values. So, using this pattern can help you pick your numbers.


The four winning patterns in the Irish Lotto, and most other lotteries are an even mixture of low and high numbers, an even mixture of even and odd numbers, limited consecutive numbers, and missing number groups. Most of these patterns are easy to understand, and there are charts online that you can use to figure out what the Irish Lotto Statistics are. The only odd pattern is in the missing number group.


A missing number group is when there is no number from a group of 10 numbers. In the case of the Irish Lotto, over 20 percent of the time there are no numbers for the 40’s group in the winning numbers. This means that you can improve your odds by 20 percent by not picking a number in the 40’s. However, around 13 percent of the time, all the number groups are included in the winning numbers. These statistics make it difficult to know what the best pattern is.


Consecutive numbers are another area that many people who play the Irish Lotto focus on. The reality is that over 50 percent of the time the winning numbers will not have any consecutive numbers. So, if you are going to use consecutive numbers, you should use two or more because over 20 percent of the time, two consecutive numbers will be drawn.


The Irish Lotto is like any other lottery because winning is not really based on luck. Most times, it is by understanding the past results and using statistics to improve your odds of winning. Repeat Irish Lotto winners know how to use the statistics to improve their odds of winning. So, taking a closer look at Irish Lotto statistics could help you win the lottery.


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