Irish Lotto and Why It’s So Successful

Ireland has got a very peculiar history of lottery. Not only it is stated, but it’s been working for the people’s good ever since it’s founded. The National Lottery is unique in its own way, but there is a game that distinguishes itself from the others. You don’t have to know all about the lottery by heart to win the jackpot, but some interesting events could be of use.

One of the most successful games of the National Lottery of Ireland is the Irish Lotto. Introduced almost 30 years ago, the Lotto has proven more than successful. From its beginning, it hasn’t stopped changing people’s lives.

History of the Lotto

On Saturday, 16 April 1988, the first Lotto drawing was held. Originally it was 6/36 formatted. The guaranteed jackpot was £250,000, which required 6 correct numbers, but smaller prizes were available for less numbers. The jackpot was rolled over for the next week in case of no winner. It was broadcasted on Saturday until the middle of 1990 when a midweek draw was introduced.

The odds of winning the 6/36 lottery are 1 in 1,947,792. If you consider the option of purchasing all the possible combinations, you’ll have to spend £973,896. As soon as the jackpot reached £1.7 million, the Lotto suffered a brute force attack. An organization of 28 members spent over six months in filling play slips, almost a quarter of a million to be accurate. They tried to win the jackpot along with all the other prizes, by simply buying all possible combinations.

Irish Lotto Win

Of course, the organization’s intentions couldn’t stay unnoticed for too long. The National Lottery did everything to foil this plan including limiting the amount of tickets a machine could sell. At the end, for about £820,000, the organization managed to buy most of the combinations, despite the National Lottery’s effort. As surprise to everybody, the jackpot was won by three tickets. The winners split £568,682 between each. The organization total profit after winning the 5 and 4-match prizes was approximately £310,000. The head of the organization later published a book called Win the Lotto.

Recently, things have changed. Now the odds are more reasonable for the National Lottery interests, and the cost of a single line is €4. This makes buying all the combination not worthy.

Lotto Plus

In 2000, an add-on was introduced: With the 6/42 format, there was a jackpot of £250,000.

Two years later Lotto plus 1 and 2 were added, and the cost per a line increased to £0.50p. In 2006 the jackpot was raised, but the line price wasn’t.

Now, over 90% of the Lotto players play Lotto Plus as well. The sales are increasing constantly.

Lottery is the fastest way to get filthy rich, but not the surest. If you spend some time in proper considerations on your chances of winning, you’ll know whether it’s worth it or not.



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