Irish Lotto Win is Taking the Sting Out of College Fees for a Laois

For a family who bought a lotto ticket at the SuperValue on Abbeyleix Road in Portlaoise, it was a shock, to say the least. The March 1st Irish Lotto jackpot of a huge €12.8 million was all the buzz in the newspapers. This is one of the reasons that a married couple from Portlaoise did not think about checking their ticket.

When they did check the ticket, they found out that they had won the prize for matching 5 plus the bonus, which was €179,034. While they did not win the jackpot, the couple was still in shock. They decided that they wanted to keep their winnings private because they bought a Quick Pick ticket like many other people did at a SuperValue store.

Why Did They Not Check Their Tickets?

The couple said that they talked about the jackpot winners during that time, but they never thought about checking their ticket until later that week. One of the reasons why was that the news buzzing about the jackpot ticket said that it was sold in Dublin, which the couple did not buy their ticket from. So, checking the lottery ticket after that point had slipped the couple’s minds.

Then, Friday after the draw, the husband had gone to the grocery shop and decided to check the lottery ticket once he reached the till. The shop assistant handed him a slip with the contact information for the Irish lotto. Once he returned home, he and his wife spent the entire weekend trying to figure out how much that they had won.

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The Prize’s Amount

For those who have been playing the Irish lotto for a long time, the prize of €179,034 may be confusing. The reason why the match 5 plus bonus was €179,034 is that the prize is guaranteed to be at least €25,000. So, if there are no winners for that draw, then the prize fund is carried forward to the next draw.

What is the Couple Going to do with the Money?

The winnings for the couple came at a great time. They are putting their children through college within the next few years. The over €170,000 will allow them to take care of their children without having to worry about saving the money up and paying their bills. Their first thought was to take a nice holiday in a few weeks to celebrate the win properly.

If you buy a ticket, you should make sure that you check your tickets promptly after the draw. Even if you do not win the jackpot, you may end up shocked like the couple in Portlaoise. There are many other prizes that are available to be won on a lotto ticket. Along with buying tickets in a store, you can also play Irish lotto online.

 The Irish Lotto does not only give away money as prizes, it also raises money for good causes across Ireland. These funds have helped many projects, individuals, and communities. The chances of winning the Irish Lotto does vary depending on the week and the amount of tickets sold.

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