Irish Lotto Winner Turns His Whole Life Around

Irish Lotto is without a doubt the most popular lottery game in Ireland, offering large prizes to winners. Its low cost enables all people from every social background to play at least once a week. There are two lotteries every week; therefore, the chances are significantly improved of winning a prize. There are of course cases in which the Irish Lotto results indicate more than one winner. In this case, the total amount is divided among the winning tickets.

Of course, there are other cases in which the winner is only one individual, and he gets all the amount of the prize by himself. These winners are most of the times remain anonymous until many years pass. Such a story was of young Patrick and his amazing luck that brought him € 10.000.000 in his second attempt to win Irish Lotto.

Irish Lotto Change Life

The Background Story

Patrick was the oldest child of his family; his mother raised three children, along with a father nowhere to be found. This is why Patrick as soon as he finished school, he chose to start working instead of continuing his studies. He had heard of the amazing results, but, like many others, didn’t believe he could actually win. However, a friend convinced him to play once. Patrick lost €10 and promised not to play again.

His Mother’s Role

Patrick told his mother he lost an amount of money in playing Irish Lotto. His mother, instead of berate him, he told him that it is nice he tries to win a prize and that he should play again, this time smaller amounts. Though his mother encouraged it, it took Patrick several months before taking into his hands another Irish Lotto ticket. The need of providing to his mother and younger brothers everything he could didn’t allow him to play games with his hard-earned money.

Irish Lotto Results

Patrick played once more, but instead of playing many different rows, he only played one. Some of the numbers he picked represented something – his mother’s birthday, his younger sister’s age. Others were just randomly picked. The next night he went to see the Irish Lotto results. He couldn’t believe his own eyes. As he said later ‘’I must have checked the numbers 50 times before I could realize I had actually won!’’. He runs to his home to tell his family about the amazing Irish Lotto results he has just saw.

Life So Far

Patrick remains a happy Irish Lotto winner, and a great son and friend. He enjoyed his prize with his family and friends and was able to continue his studies. He is now the proud owner of a small local business. “The most fulfilling sense is being able to provide to the ones you love, and Irish Lotto helped me make my family’s life easier”. Much like many Irish Lotto winners, Patrick remains anonymous until today. Only his family and close friends know about his lucky Irish Lotto moment.

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