Msgnr John Delaney – Irish Priest Wins €500,000

The lucky Irish priest that became the winner of an entire €500,000 in EuroMillions has been identified as Msgnr John Delaney, a local.

The cleric, who is retired, came from Crossboyne (Co Mayo), Farmhill, but currently lives in Florida. He purchased the ticket for quick pick that won in Malahide, Donnybrook Fair during the holidays while at home.

Msgnr Delaney said with humour that God seems to be answering his prayers as this lottery win was not the first one for him. He said that there was a time he won €15,000 Irish Pounds in Irish Sweepstakes (National Lottery replaced it 30 years back).

According to Dublin Live, apart from this, the holy cleric won lottery sums of $3,000 as well as $5,000 within years in the U.S. However, he promised to split what he won with the less fortunate.

‘I think I can consider myself lucky. However, it has always been my principle to spread my good fortune around. My deceased mother taught me, and a bishop also instilled this in me during my youth as a priest.’

‘I strongly believe that when you share you receive blessings. This sum of money is substantial, and I am eager to share it.’

The ordination of Msgr Delaney took place on 21 June 1964 at his home Ireland. That August, he proceeded to the Miami Archdiocese.

His archdiocese online bio indicates that he started working at Hialeah, Immaculate Conception, (at the time St. Anastasia) in Fort Pierce and Palm Beach, St. Edward. At that time, the two were a section of the Miami Diocese.

He also worked as the chaplain for Newman Centre (Palm Beach Junior College & Indian River Junior College).

In 1971, June, he became Lake Worth Sacred Heart Parish administrator. He worked there up to April 1974 when he became Holy Family’s pastor in North Miami. In 1988, January he went on sick leave after leaving Holy Family.

In 1995 May, he started working at All Hallows Seminary, Ireland and at the same time assisted at Fort Lauderdale, St. Helen, sometimes. He retired in 2004, March.

The previous Saturday, the lucky Father received the news he was among two winners of the tickets for EuroMillions Plus that were bought in Malahide at Donnybrook Fair.

He remarked, ‘I was overexcited when I initially found out about it. I returned to the store and handed the ticket to the lady I had bought it from for checking.’

‘Good heavens! The system produced a message to get in touch with National Lottery! At that moment I realized I was a winner.’

The winner, whose passion is taking frequent trips to the West and Ireland, stated he was in Dublin and had a beautiful Christmas Day with relatives as he gradually absorbed the information about his great luck.

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