June 2018 Winners of EuroMillions and UK Lotto

A lucky syndicate of 32-person becomes the newest EuroMillions winners in Ireland.

The latest winners of EuroMillions lottery in the country belong to a syndicate of 32 people who work at a favorite Co Tipperary hardware store.

The winners of the windfall of €17.4 million are from Thurles, Stakelum’s Home, and Hardware business. There were expectations that they will claim their prize the following week.

Tom O’Toole, the ecstatic owner, said, ‘This will make us gain recognition as Ireland’s luckiest shop.’ He added,’ We can’t believe it because we have consecutively sold two major winning jackpots in a short time.’

He claimed that the previous October they sold a €7.5 million winning ticket for Lotto jackpot.

The National Lottery headquarters were not able to verify who the winners were. However, on Wednesday morning they stated that in the morning the winning ticket holder had been contacted.

Miriam Donoghue, the Lottery spokeswoman, remarked, ‘The only information we can give is that it is a syndicate. We cannot reveal more.’

‘We need to follow procedures. We are organizing for the cash to be claimed. It takes a few days for the entire EuroMillion cash to be moved to our account.’

People are aware that the cash is not going to be ready to be picked by the time this week comes to an end. But the winning syndicate can take a trip to Dublin some time at the beginning of the next week to pick the jackpot.

A member of the staff at the renowned hardware and homeware store verified that the winner of the Euromillions was a Stakelum’s syndicate.

She claimed that the syndicate consisted of 32 individuals of around 70 employees in total at the firm and refused to give more comments on who is a member and who is not. Every member will obtain more than €543,000.

Stakelum’s was started in 1960 in the town and has been operated by a family since then. Presently, John and Pat Stakelum manage it.

Initially, the business was near the town center; however, it moved to Racecourse Retail Park, Thurles, which is 70,000 sq. ft.

Some EuroMillions winners in Ireland have emerged from the time the draw was started more than one decade back. In 2005, Dolores McNamara was the biggest winner in the country with a jackpot of €115 million.

Ticketholder from France wins Euromillions Jackpot of £31 Million

The night was a great success when one French ticket holder won the entire EuroMillions jackpot valued more than £31 million. Also, two French winners were found in the 2nd prize tier, and another millionaire emerged in the My Million supplementary draw.

French winner of 88th Jackpot

On Tuesday 19 June the winning numbers were 7, 19, 26, 42 and 50 while 4 and 9 were the Lucky Stars. The player from France was the single ticket holder to match each of the seven digits and became the 88th jackpot winner in the country.

Now France is one step ahead of Spain in the overall number of jackpot winners for EuroMillions per country. Meanwhile, the UK still ranks third with 72 winners.

It is currently not known whether the line that won was bought belonged to a syndicate or one owner. But, the recipient of the fortune of eight-figure has 60 days from the draw date to reveal themselves and claim their prize for EuroMillions.

Two winners from France were also available in the 2nd prize tier in the Match 5 and 1 for £216,000.

Five Jackpot Winners in June

It is the fifth time this month that a ticket has become a winner of EuroMillions jackpot after three continuous top prize winners at the beginning of June.

On Friday 1st June a jackpot of £69 million was divided between a couple of ticket holders in Portugal and Spain. Four days after this a powerful syndicate of 32 people in Ireland won £14 million. The remarkable feat of top prize winners persisted in the following draw when a Spanish ticket holder won £14 million on 8 June on Friday.

Seven players have in four earlier months won the jackpot for EuroMillions; the latest in September 2016. So far there have been five winners, and in the history of EuroMillions, June 2018 might become the most prosperous month. There are three more draws to go.

Claim for UK Lotto jackpot win of £17.1 million Made

Already, a claim has been lodged for the UK Lotto jackpot of £17.1 million. It was won by one ticket in a remarkable Saturday night draw.  It is terrific that the ticket holder came forward quickly.

The ticket that won matched the six key numbers 1, 10, 15, 25, 31 & 47 to win the windfall of eight-figure. 53 was the Bonus ball. The night presented more than 1.4 million including one Bonus winner of Match 5 in the 2nd prize tier of £78,275.

Even though the owner of the ticket that won the jackpot had up to 180 days from the draw date to step forward and claim their prize, they did not waste any time to do it. The top prize is going to be paid out immediately the winning ticket is confirmed.

The National Lottery senior winners’ adviser Andy Carter stated, ‘It is wonderful that this ticket-holder has claimed their significant prize so fast. Now we shall support and assist the winner rejoice as they obtain their remarkable win.’

The top Lotto prize had not been won from Saturday 26 May when a jackpot of £9.2 was divided between two ticket holders. For those players, Bank Holiday became an unforgettable one.

For the last seven draws, the jackpot had increased gradually since that win and, the Saturday jackpot was more compared to last Friday’s matching EuroMillions draw of £14.9 million. It is unknown whether the newest Lotto jackpot winner is going to hide their identity or go public. Elsewhere, the code for the winning Millionaire Raffle was BLUE 3310 4223; 20 other winning codes were present valued £20, 000 each.

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