Lottoland Is Winning Against Irish Lotto Online

The cost of the Irish Lotto and EuroMillions has gone up in the last few years, but the chances of winning are still about the same. According to the EuroMillions, the price increased from €2 to €2.50, and the chances are still 1 in 13, as they were before the price hike. At the same time, Irish Lotto and EuroMillions have tweaked the structure to make sure people are winning more prizes and more often than before.

This decision to change the price of the ticket may have been made at a very bad time since there are a growing number of online lotteries that are now available.

The Online Lottery is Taking Over

Gone are the days when you needed to visit a local store to buy a lotto ticket. The Irish Lotto allows players to play Irish Lotto online. However, Irish Lotto and EuroMillions are not the only companies that are out there. One of the major companies is Lottoland, and they decided that they were going to freeze their prices soon after EuroMillions announced their price increase.

The way that Lottoland works is very interesting because players can still bet with EuroMillions, but do not pay the new higher prices or invest in the company. The cost of a line on Lottoland is still €2, and you still can select your own numbers.

Irish Lotto Ballon

Lottoland’s winner is based on the results of EuroMillions, which means that players have the same experience at a lower price point. You also do not need to worry about your winnings, as Lottoland pays players the same amount as the official draws.

Online Lotteries Are Rewriting the Rules

Both official lottery companies like the Irish Lotto and third-party websites like Lottoland are having an effect on the way that lotteries work. The idea to play Irish Lotto online was not possible less than a decade ago. There have been huge bumps in the road for official lottery companies because not all their websites have worked smoothly, so there have been many players who have complained about losing winnings due to the website not working.

Third-party lotto services are still a new idea and there not a lot of rules about what they can and cannot do. However, many players are enjoying saving money by using websites like Lottoland.

In the past, the change in the prices of Irish Lotto tickets would have caused a massive outrage in the gaming community, especially once players found out that the odds of winning do not really change. The €.50 change could have been enough to stop many regular players to stop buying weekly tickets.

Today, many players are turning to the internet not only to use the official play Irish Lotto online services but to also use third party websites like Lottoland. The Irish Lotto and other national gambling companies are not sure if the third-party websites are fair in the lotto market. However, adjusting to make the most from technology is important if the national lotteries want to continue selling a large amount of tickets per draw.

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