How to Make a Huge Amount of Money on the Irish Lotto?

This may not be the simplest way of making a million pounds, but it worked for Stefan Klincwicz. He created a 28-member syndicate that purchased the winning ticket for the 2.2 million Irish Lotto jackpot in 1992. The method that he used could still be used today, especially if you have the time and money to do so.

The Plot to Win the Irish Lotto

Stefan’s plot was devised in a Dublin pub in 1990 when there was a rollover jackpot. As soon as the plot was thought of, Stefan got to work creating a team of ticket buyers across Ireland. They soon entered stores to buy Irish Lotto tickets in hopes of winning.

The Irish Lotto chiefs soon realised that something was wrong because their sales were up dramatically for that draw. So, they started to shut down their terminals the day before the drawing of the Irish Lotto results. However, the syndicate was able to buy around 80 percent of all the tickets sold. The tickets had over 1.9 million number combinations which lead to the syndicate winning.

Irish Lotto Form

The Risk of This Method

Stefan has used this method a few times to win the lottery, but there are jackpots that he will not go after. It can be tempting to try to win the huge jackpots, but Stefan and his team avoid these jackpots because there is a high risk that there may be multiple winners.

The more people who win the jackpot mean less money for each winner. The Irish Lotto is also preferred because of the higher return rate. There are few times that the jackpot rises to large amounts, but there are fewer players buying tickets. This makes it ideal for these types of lottery winning methods. According to Stefan, most times investors in the group make 75 percent returns.

While the syndicate had to split the jackpot with another person, they made around the same amount from the secondary prize. It is still unknown how much that each member of the syndicate received for their win, but it is clear that this method works.

The Irish Lotto Found Out What Was Going On

The Irish Lotto keeps a close eye on the number of ticket sales that each store sells. When Stefan and his team started buying tickets, shops that usually sold less than 1,000 pounds of tickets jumped to selling around 15,000 pounds in just the morning. This was extremely worrying to the Irish Lotto, so they started to disable machines to stop what was happening. Without being sure what was happening, they just knew that it had to be stopped!

Winning the Irish Lotto is not really about luck, according to Stefan and other repeat lottery winners. It is more about using the Irish Lotto statistics to improve your changes. The more tickets and number combinations that you have the more likely that you are to win. This can be expensive, and you will not win the whole jackpot, but you are still making a huge amount of money in a short amount of time.

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