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There are legitimate lotteries that can change your life if you ended up as the winner. One of these lotteries is the Irish lottery that has seen many winners become millionaires. A player has to choose between numbers 1 all through to 49. During a draw, 6 numbers out of the 49 are randomly selected, and the winner is announced.

How Irish Lotto Winner is Selected?

No one selects the Irish lotto winner, but rather this is a mechanical process. A special setup is used to arrange the 49 draw balls which is the responsibility of the draw manager. The size, physical properties and weight of the balls are always double-checked so that each one of them has an equal chance of being drawn. This ensures no ball has a better chance than the other.

What Happens If the Jackpot Is Not Won?

The jackpot is not won every time the Irish lotto results are announced. The jackpot amount which is not constant is rolled over which increases the amount in the next draw. This always happens when no player matches the six required numbers.

Irish Lotto

How Does One Know Whether They Are the Winners?

The Irish lotto results are announced twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday. The results are announced on national television live after which they can be accessed on several websites. Despite there being official announcements, if you are a player you should be careful. There are scammers that will send you congratulating email that will excite you for nothing. As a winner, you receive your prize within 48 hours, and the beauty of the prize is that the money is tax free.

How Is Irish Lotto Played?

A player has to choose 6 numbers ranging from number 1 all through to 49. Although there is a jackpot, there are also lower prizes. If you match 5 numbers plus a bonus one, you get EUR 25,000 while when you match 3 numbers, you get EUR 5. These are fixed prizes. As the prize pool changes, the lower prizes also change. This bonus number is of great importance to the players that manage to match 3, 4 or 5 numbers.

Are There Tricks to Winning?

Some of the savvy players have mastered the trends and patterns that increase winning chances from previous Irish lotto results. Some tips include not selecting numbers in a previous draw, 3 even numbers, consecutive numbers and 3 odd numbers should not be picked. With 6 numbers plus a bonus one, a player can participate in 10 to 20 draws.

You cannot just win the Irish lotto if you do not participate in it. Although participation does not guarantee a win, it surely improves the chances of becoming a millionaire through lottery. One advantage of this lottery is the fact that you can play it from wherever you are. As long as you match 3, 4, 5 numbers plus a bonus number, you will get a prize but matching 6 numbers is what gives you the jackpot.





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