Real Story of an Irish Lottery Winning Family

Lottery games are one of the oldest forms of public entertainment. They have been played in different parts of the world since mediaeval ages in England and for many decades in Ireland. Since the National Lottery Act was introduced in Ireland a couple of decades ago, organizers have officiated many lotteries in the country. Some of the most famous Irish lotteries include The Irish National Lottery, Irish Lotto, Euro Millions and also Lotto 5-4-3-2-1.

Lotteries are one of those few forms of public entertainment that contributes to the welfare of society in many different ways. While government lotteries help generate funds for projects in the local society, private lotteries generate profits for organizers and help winners raise their standard of living. These are one of those few reasons why lotteries are famous in every part of the world.

Playing an Irish Lottery

Irish lottos can be played by purchasing tickets from local stores or by playing it online. Since many different websites offer Irish lottery games on their websites, individuals from all over the globe can take part in these lottery games. They not only play lottery online, but can use different tools like online syndicates, random number generators, and can select numbers within a matter of few seconds.

Although many people want to play lottery online, there is still a big chunk of the population that wants to stand in queues outside the store and hold a physical ticket in their hand while playing the game. These traditional lottery players make their entry by purchasing hard printed lottery tickets from nearly 4000 retail stores operating in different parts of the country.

Usually, participants have to select a total of six numbers from a pool of more than 40 balls, to win the jackpot prize. All numbers of the lottery ticket should match with the lucky draw. Some of the major events that take place during Christmas can distribute prize money worth $100 Million to the participants.

A Real Story of an Irish Lottery Winning family

Family from Cunningham

A family of 7 people including parents and children won a massive lottery prize of Euro 16 Million in one of the largest lotteries in the world – the Euro Million. This fortunate and fun-loving family had to spend only four euros to get their hands on the jackpot. The winning ticket was purchased by the husband who decided to spend his winnings to enhance the lifestyle for his wife and five young children.

Since this was the biggest prize money distributed by lottery owners at the time, the winners attracted a lot of unwanted publicity which often times invaded their private lives. To keep themselves away from being labeled as ‘lucky millionaires’ Paul Cunningham, the head of the family decided to keep working on his regular job.

However, media never stopped making up stories about the family. Some suggested that they went on a spending spree at a German car dealership while others suggested that they had taken an expensive cruise around the world. Little did anyone know that Paul who is an electrician by trade spent much of his time commuting through public transport as he did not know how to drive.

The family was so fed up with the unwanted media attention and finally decided to break their silence by their son Paul Jr. coming to the radio show and telling the public that the winners had not been careless about their prize. He suggested that although it was hard to avoid publicity, media was portraying their wrong picture in the eyes of regular citizens. He said his father was a hardworking and a simple man who did not have a knack of going on a spending spree. Paul Jr. also mentioned that the family never went to an expensive cruise trip and maintain a regular lifestyle. People who know them closely including friends and family still believe that press was unjust in telling lies about how Cunningham family spent their winnings.

Increasing your chances of winning a lottery

There are multiple ways of how you can increase your chances of winning an Irish lottery. Some of the most popular techniques used by avid players to win the lottery include:

Forming a ‘cartel’

Since Irish lotteries are now available online, it is quite easy to buy group-tickets or form a syndicate in a lottery game. Syndicate is usually formed by a group of friends, family or co-workers. The concept of a syndicate is that everyone pitches in to buy multiple tickets in a group. If 10 people form a syndicate, they increase their probability of winning a lottery game by 10 times. If any member wins the prize, they have to distribute it equally amongst the members. One of the largest prizes every distributed in an Irish lottery was won by a syndicate.

Betting rather than playing a lottery game

To place your bets in a lottery you need to make an educated guess on single or multiple numbers that can appear in a lucky draw. Hence, if you are placing your bets in a lottery game, you are betting on the odds. If 100 people claim that number five will appear on the winning ticket and you suggest that it will not, you have a chance of increasing your betting amount by 100 times in case you are correct about the game.

Selecting random numbers

Experts who analyze lottery games suggest that there is no ‘lucky number’ when you play a lottery game. In-fact lottery is a game of chance and any number can be your lucky number on the day. Hence, to increase your chances of winning any prize in a lottery, you should make a completely random selection of numbers in the game. Even if a particular digit has a history of appearing in the lucky draws, it is not necessary that it will appear in yours too.

Lotteries are a great form of public entertainment, discussing a particular game while having a few drinks in a bar or eating dinner with family is a fun way to spend time with your loved ones. However, you should remember that a jackpot prize winner can attract a lot of unwanted attention that is hard to get away from.

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