Sickness Cured by Irish Lotto

We want to share the extraordinary experience a young couple in Sligo, Ireland had the previous week. It shows how there is always something to look forward to in life even when you are at your lowest.

Being Sick Could Sometimes Be Good

Saoirse Murray, a twenty-four-old woman from the town of Sligo was not feeling well last Wednesday. She had the symptoms of getting the flu and felt too tired to go to the pharmacy and buy some medicine for herself.

Luckily, her caring boyfriend went and bought it for her. On his way back, he went to the local shop to buy other daily supplies and decided to buy an Irish Lotto scratch card as well. Thirty minutes later they became Irish Lotto winners as they found out their card amounts to fifty thousand Euros.

It’s safe to say that David O’Reilly is truly a magnificent boyfriend and this will be a cool story for the couple to tell to their kids. David is a professional personal trainer and reported that he only bought the ticket as a tool to give to his girlfriend to have some fun. He never imagined that they would win fifty thousand.

Being a Good Girlfriend

Saoirse Murray and David O’Reilly, the newest Irish Lotto winners, said that they would be splitting the money. Saoirse is a childcare professional and quickly recovered from her bad health just in time to collect the winnings. She reports to have been quite surprised that her boyfriend came back with an Irish Lotto scratch card from the local store as they don’t usually buy lottery tickets. At first, they couldn’t believe that they have won a staggering fifty thousand Euros as they certainly couldn’t be that lucky especially since they didn’t really play that often.

They plainly didn’t believe in playing lottery games

While this amount of money is certainly not within the Irish Lotto Records payouts, it is still one of the top prizes provided by scratch cards and could certainly improve the lives of the couple. It can enable them to perhaps invest in their relationship with a nice long holiday or make a more serious step by putting a down payment on a nice family home.

All of this also proves a particular point. You can’t win if you don’t play. Don’t expect to reap any results from the opportunities which the Irish Lotto provides if you don’t make any efforts by yourself. There are dozens of stories like the one of Saoirse Murray and David O’Reilly on a monthly basis. Those Irish Lotto winners have certainly changed their minds after winning the nice amount of fifty thousand Euros, and it is not without a reason.

We wish all of the best to this young couple and hope perhaps that those winnings will enable them to become Mr. and Mrs. O’Reilly in the close future: If they want to be so, of course.


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