Third of Complaints to the National Regulator are about Playing the Irish Lotto Online

Over a third of the complaints to the National Lottery’s regulator are about the difficulties that players have been having when they play Irish Lotto online. During 2015 and 2016 there were 25 formal complaints filed about the online services that Irish lotto is offering.

Lately, the number of complaints has been on the decline. However, there has been an increasing amount of serious cases in the last few years. The Office of the Regulator of the National Lottery handles all the cases, so the head regulator, Liam Sloyan, has been working on fixing the Irish Lotto online services.

What are the Problems with the Play Irish Lotto Online Services?

Most of the complaints about the play Irish Lotto Online services are about the website itself. This includes many games stopping before the game is completed and funds transferring to and from online accounts. The next largest category is complaints about the game design and the price of the online games from Irish Lotto.

 There have been some major changes to the website in the last few years, which has been helping with complaints. Some of these changes to the website and the Irish Lotto have been increases to the prices of playing the games. The changes have improved the chances of winning, but many players do not see these changes in this way and simply see that their tickets now cost more.

Another complaint is that players are noticing that they can play a game repeatedly with the same number without winning according to the odds. It is hard to state if this is a problem with the systems or if this is how the odds should be working out.

Irish Lotto Form

The last area of complaints is about scratch tickets. This is not really about the online services, but it is important to report issues with the scratch tickets. The major issue is that people are having issues claiming prizes after the scratch ticket games are done. Another issue is that there is not a lot of information from the National Lottery about when a player needs to claim their prizes or when a game is going to be ending. This is a simple problem to fix because the National Lottery is looking for a better way to tell customers about end dates and claim by dates.

The Future of the Online Lottery Services

The Office of the Regulator of the National Lottery is working closely with the Irish Lotto to fix the problems with the online services. They are working to make the services easier to use for customers.

Over half of the cases that have been filed with the regulator have been dealt with, and there were no further actions needed. The play Irish Lotto online will be streamlined to make the process for players easier and to make the online lotto faster to use. If you have had any problems with the online Irish Lotto services, you should file a complaint with the Office of the Regulator of the National Lottery.

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