Tickets for Irish Lotto Now Available to All

The Irish Lotto is one of the most well-established of all the lotteries, online or offline, throughout Europe. It also has a relatively long history, with the first drawing taking place in 1988 and regular lotto drawings taking place ever since. The flexibility of this lotto is the envy of many other smaller European countries trying to get their national Lottery on the map.

Irish Lotto over Euro Millions

The Irish Lotto can be played in the home state of Ireland, but also, it is possible to buy tickets from most of the UK’s shops and also online. This is a big bonus to many Lotto players as they can choose the way in which they want to play, if they want to buy their tickets in physical from or play the lottery online. The options for the players really open up as within each of these initial choices there are a number of playing options available – would you like to play the Irish Lottery in a subscription plan so you never miss a draw? What about using the lucky dip feature that is available to all online and offline Irish Lotto players, or finally, would you like to join a syndicate and pool your resources together to improve your chances of winning millions.

These options are important for lotto players as they like to be in control of what they play and how they play. It is for reasons like this that the Irish Lotto is such a popular draw throughout Ireland and the UK.

Irish Lotto Money

Irish Lotto Regular Drawings

When people ask me, what is it that make the Irish Lottery so popular, the first thing that I always bring up is the frequency of its draws. The Irish Lotto has 3 draws that take place two times in a week. The Irish Lotto drawing takes place on a Wednesday and the second drawing of the week takes place on a Saturday. Both these contain a main, second and third round draw.

Adding all these draws and parts of the draw highlights that frequency of the Irish Lotto. Why it remains so popular I think can be put down to the fact that once you buy your first ticket it is almost like you are now in the cycle. The frequency of draws keeps you interested as there is always another draw around the corner. Added to this, the high frequency of the draws means that a multiple jackpot rollover can take place over days rather than weeks – meaning that the Irish Lotto jackpots can climb very high, very quickly!

Play Irish Lotto Online

The Irish Lotto has become more and more available to players outside of Northern Ireland. AS mentioned earlier, the fact that you can buy your physical Irish Lottery tickets from the majority of places in the UK means that the Irish Lotto is technically already and international lottery draw.

What has happened in the last couple years is, with the expansion of online lottery companies, the Irish Lotto has opened its doors to the international players. Not looking to include restrictive policies, which many other lotteries have done, Also it has set itself apart as one of the most internet friendly lottery draws out there.

We love the Irish Lottery for the reasons we stated above and many more. We hope that the ever-changing lottery will continue to be a beacon to the online lotto playing community and act as an example to all others trying to navigate this new lottery terrain.


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