UK Lotto Results, Buy UK Lotto Tickets Online

UK Lotto Results, Buy UK Lotto Tickets Online

Uk Lotto Results


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How to Buy UK Lotto Tickets Online?

About The UK Lottery

Buy UK Lotto tickets online (click here!) – In the United Kingdom, the national lottery franchised by the state is called the National Lottery. The Camelot group operates the lottery, which obtained the license in 1994, 2001 and once again in 2007. The National Lottery Commission regulates the lottery and was established in 1994 by the government of John Major. All prizes of the National Lottery are paid out as a lump sum and are not subject to any tax. As far as the revenue earned from the National Lottery is concerned, 50% of the amount is used to give out prizes to the winners.

28% are dedicated to some good causes that are set out by the Parliament like, education, health and environment and other charitable causes. They also spend some on sports, heritage and arts. 12% of the earnings are given to the UK government as duty, 5% given to Camelot, 5% as commission to the retailers, 4.5% is used for covering operating costs and 0.5% is the profit.

UK Lotto
UK Lotto

Knowing the UK Lottery Rules

There are some basic rules that need to be followed for playing the UK i.e. National Lottery:

  • You have to be at least 16 for buying scratchcards for Euromillions, Thunderball and Lotto.
  • You can buy the tickets of the lottery in person in the UK at approved premises or online over the internet.
  • Online ticket purchases can only be made by those who have a UK bank account for direct debit or a debit card that can be used for payment. They also need to be physically present in the UK when buying and should be a resident of the UK or Isle of Man.
  • Syndicate managers buying tickets also need to be 16 years or older.
  • As lottery tickets cannot be transferred, commercial syndicates are not permitted.

Guide for Playing the UK lottery

There are different games that operate under the National Lottery brand, which are:

  • Lotto: Six numbers are to be selected between 1 and 59 and two or more should be matched for winning a prize. The draw is conducted on Wednesday and Saturday and the jackpot can be rolled over until it reaches a cap of £22 million. The same rules apply to LottoHotpicks except all players get the jackpot of £350,000, even if there are multiple winners
  • Thunderball: With a top prize of £500,000, Thunderball draws are on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Five numbers are chosen between 1 and 39 and one Thunderball between 1 and 14.
  • Euromillions: Draws are conducted every Tuesday and Friday and numbers are chosen between 1 and 50. The prize starts from £10 and can go as high as £1 million.

There are scratchcards that can also be bought or you can play online Instant Win games. Apart from that there is the UK Millionaire Maker and the Millionaire Raffle.

How Can I Win the UK Lottery?

Buy UK Lotto tickets online (click here!) – It is the numbers that are key in winning the lottery and you have to choose yours wisely. There are different ways that people pick numbers with their advantages and drawbacks. You can pick numbers according to any significant dates, but it means that you will not win if a number higher than 31 is drawn. It is also better to avoid selecting consecutive numbers because numbers are rarely drawn in a pattern. You can use statistics like the least common, most common and overdue numbers and pick accordingly.

UK Lottery Payouts

The jackpot for the National Lottery payouts starts at £2.5 million and can go as high as £5 million. The value of the jackpot depends on when the latest win has occurred. On Wednesday, they start at £2.5 million whereas they start at £5 million on Saturday. The jackpot can roll over for about 4 times. The record jackpot for this lotto is about £42 million, which was won in 1996 by three players. As long as prizes are concerned, the rules vary when you play online or in-person.

Online prizes are paid in the bank account, but those higher than £50,000 are to be claimed in person. If you buy in-person, prizes between £100 and £500 can be received from an authorized retailer. For an amount up to £50,000, you have to collect from designated National Lottery regional centers or Post Offices. If the prize goes higher, you have to call the National Lottery.

History of the UK Lottery

The state-franchised lottery in the UK was set up in 1993 by the government of John Major. The Camelot Group is a private operator to whom the National Lottery is franchised and it was done on 25th May, 1994. The first draw was conducted on November 19th, 1994 on a television programme that was presented by Noel Edmonds. Seven winners took home the jackpot worth £5,874,778. In late 2002, the National Lottery underwent major rebranding due to falling sales. It was renamed Lotto and Lotto Extra, but the games collectively are still known as the National Lottery.

Buy UK Lottery Tickets Online

Buy UK Lotto tickets online (click here!) – You can play the National Lottery online with ease these days, as long as you are physically present in the UK and meet the other eligibility criteria. You just have to sign up with an authorized retailer and pay through a debit card or direct debit. A copy of your ticket is safely stored in your account and you receive an email to inform you if you have won the draw.

Online UK Lottery Syndicate

A great way of boosting your chances of winning the National Lottery in the UK is to play through an online syndicate. This saves you from spending too much money on tickets. Furthermore, you don’t have to go through the hassle of convincing your friends, family or colleagues to join together and invest in the lottery. You don’t have to put in any effort for managing the syndicate as the websites deal with all the hard work. You just get to reap the benefits, which includes the chance of winning a huge jackpot and becoming a millionaire.

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