What is Lotto Betting?

Lotto betting is considered to be a form of betting, the result of which depends upon the official lottery draw. There are licensed betting firms all over the world who conduct the activity. You can participate by purchasing a physical ticket from the lottery office or they can also buy online. The process involves picking up numbers which as per your permutations might have the chances of matching with the winning combination. If you are successful in getting an ideal match with the winning numbers you are entitled to a prize. The value of the payouts would ultimately depend upon the numbers you guess correctly.


How is it Played?

The purpose of the game is to match the numbers on the ticket with the ones that are taken out in the draw. The process of playing the lotto is quite simple, as a player you are required to choose 6 numbers from 1-59. You are allowed to pick up your own numbers or use a dip, wherein the numbers are generated randomly by the system. During the draw, six winning lotto numbers are drawn. You are entitled to the prize if you have a ticket with matching numbers. The payouts of the draw will depend upon the matching numbers you have on the ticket. Typically there are 7 lotto prize divisions and having all the 6 winning numbers in a single line will mean you are entitled to division one. While a match of any 3 numbers would entitle you to division 7.


What is the Irish Lotto?

Depending on the country or the region there are different types of lotto games played. One such popular type is the Irish lotto that is known to have an increased odds of winning the jackpot. The Irish Lotto jackpot has a minimum value of €2 million and came into existence in March 1998. It is a 6/47 lottery that also includes a bonus ball. As defined the minimum value of the lotto is €2 million which further rolls over until won. As per rules, the player should play a minimum of two lines having 6 numbers each. It approximately costs €2 per line, which indicates the ticket cost to be €4. The largest Irish lotto jackpot that has been ever won values €18.9 million. Further information about the win would be detailed in the article later. Prior to this, it is important to understand how the Irish lotto is played.


How to Play the Irish Lotto?

The procedure of playing the Irish lotto is quite simple like the other lotto games. As a player, you are required to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 47. This means it should be 6 numbers for each line that you wish to play. The jackpot can be one if all the six numbers in line match the winning combination revealed on the draw day. Irish lotto also includes a bonus ball which is dispensed from the same machine after the winning six numbers have been revealed. The game can be played by buying tickets online or at an authorized retailer. If you choose to play online the process is quite simple. You can either select the numbers you wish to play or opt for the quick pick option. The later allows the system to randomly generate combinations for you. Once the numbers are chosen and paid for you become a part of the draw. Playing online has its own advantages in comparison. Firstly you get to play from the convenience of your own home or any other place. Also, it is quite safe and secure as there is no threat of losing the ticket or damaging the same. You even get an intimation by email in case you win.

The game can also be played at an authorized retailer in Ireland. As per a number of reports and surveys online there are as many as 3,700 lottery retailers available in Ireland. The procedure is quite similar wherein you are required to fill in the play slip with the preferred numbers. In case you do not wish to do so the quick pick option is available with the retailer as well. Always ensure that you sign the ticket on the back for safety. The draw of the Irish Lotto Numbers takes place twice a week i.e. on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There is also a facility of availing lotto subscriptions at a reasonable price if you do not wish to miss a draw.


What are the Payouts for Irish Lotto?

The payouts for the Irish Lotto starts at a minimum of €2 million which further rolls over until it is won. Many surveys across online forums suggest that the odds of winning in an Irish lotto are higher in comparison to others. A matching of 6 numbers with the winning combination entitles you to claim the jackpot prize. Two matching main numbers along with the bonus ball will yield a fixed €3 entry into Daily Million and two free quick picks. Rest of the claims are dependent on factors like the value of the prize pool and also what other winners win in the same prize tire. The current jackpot cap of the Irish lotto is €18.96 million. If a jackpot of the higher amount is hit in the game then it becomes the current cap.


How to Claim the Prize Money Won in Irish Lotto?

The process completely depends upon if you have bought the ticket online or through an authorized retailer and how much is the winning amount. The terms and conditions for claiming online prizes include

Any prize money amounting to €10,000 and above is paid at the lottery headquarters on Abbey Street Lower in Dublin by cheque. The ticket is validated at many levels before the amount is released.

The prize money between €500 and €9,999 is also paid through cheque but only after the player submits the claim form along with an ID.

Anything that falls between €100 and €499 is paid through the mode of the cheque. This is mailed to the address registered during the signing up process of the account. Ensure that you do not falter here or make any kind of mistakes.

Winning amount till €99 can be directly paid into the online account.


The claim process is a little different if the ticket has been purchased from a retailer. Details are as given below;

Any winning amount that is €15,000 or above has to be claimed at the National Lottery headquarters on Abbey Street Lower in Dublin.

The Irish lotto claims are also dealt at Post offices across the Republic of Ireland when the winning amount is €14,999 or Less.

If the winning amount is €100 or Less it can be easily cashed in at any National Lottery retailer.

All unclaimed prize amounts expire after 90 days and are routed back to the Irish National Lottery.


What are the Tips and Strategies to Win the Irish Lotto 6/47?

Generally, lottery numbers are randomly drawn, hence it largely depends upon how well you study the patterns. Certain tips and tricks that could enhance your chances of winning are as follows.

When you choose your Irish Lotto Numbers, ensure that you have a good mix of both even and odd numbers. Some of the best combinations of numbers involve two odd four even and four odd two even. Selecting equal odd and even numbers can also enhance the chances of winning.

Like others lotteries, the Irish Lotto Numbers can also be divided into low half and high half. Ensure that you make a selection from both the halves to increase your odds of winning. Again here you can follow the similar pattern of 2/4, 4/2 or 3/3. Studies suggest that following the pattern enhances your winning chances by 82 percent.

The next strategy that one can adopt is to study the past winning numbers. This would help you trace if there is any pattern in them. For example, you might find that numbers belonging to the 30s series have never come in the draw. This could give you a fair idea of what to choose and omit.

The lotto number sum advice can be applied to Irish lotto as well. Consider choosing 6 numbers that add up to anything between 100-158. In the past, it was shown that when the sum fell in the given range it accounted for 70% of the winnings.

Lottery pools can also be an ideal strategy to win. Look for like-minded people who would be interested to pool with you in order to attain the riches. Gains might not be much but the risk of losing is also reduced.

Lastly, try avoiding combination and pattern betting to enhance your chances.


List of Biggest Irish Lotto Winners

The Irish lotto game has seen some major wins since its inception. Details of some of the winners are described as under. The biggest winners in the history of Irish lottery are a syndicate of workers belonging to Dan Morrissey quarry in Co Carlow. In the year 2008, they won the jackpot worth €18.9 million. This particular association of working fellowmen comprised of 16 men and one woman. This was considered to be one of the biggest draws with each of the syndicate members earning approximately €1.18 million each. After this, the next big win occurred in the year 2010. This was a single ticket win by a player who belonged to the town of Dungarvan in Waterford. The prize money won during Irish lotto numbers draw was a whopping €16.7 million. An interesting fact to be noted here is that till date the player has kept his identity anonymous. The year 2010 also saw another big jackpot win. In the year 2007, the Cunningham family from Cork won big prize money worth €16 million. The family’s fortunes changes after they made a small €4 purchase. There was a ticket holder from Donnybrook, Dublin who claimed a prize money of €16.3 million on the 23rd of October.


Another success story was scripted when the jackpot rolled over to €14,037,236 and was ultimately won by two people. Each of the winners took over little over €7 million. In the year 2016, another history was created when the County Mayo family won approximately €14 million. After the win, the family choose to win anonymous and hence there is no information available. After this, in the subsequent year, there was another story when two players from Ireland won over €12 million. Each of the players got €6 million each as their share.


Irish Lottery FAQs

There are certain important FAQs that could be of great help while choosing the Irish Lotto numbers for the jackpot.


Q: What are the criteria to Choose the Numbers?

A: One can either choose 6 numbers to form the group of 1-47 or use the quick pick option. The latter could get you some randomly generated numbers.


Q: How Does the Draw Work?

A: The Irish lotto involved drawing 6 numbers from a drum that contains numbers from 1-47. You also have the Plus 1 and Plus 2 draws taking place after the main draw. There is also a bonus draw as well.


Q: What are the criteria to win the jackpot?

A: In order to hit the jackpot it is important that all the 6 number match the winning combination taken out in the draw.


Q: What is the estimated prize money if you win the Irish Lotto?

A: The chances of winning the Irish Lotto jackpot is around 1 in 10.7 million.


Q: How much does it cost t buy the ticket?

A: An Irish lotto ticket comes a price of just £2.


Q: One which day the Irish Lotto draw takes place?

A: The draw takes place twice a week that is Wednesday and Saturday at around 8 pm (GMT).


Q: What is the time period to claim my winnings and are they tax-free?

A: The national lottery office provides 90 days time period to collect their winnings. And yes it is important to know that all the income from the winnings is tax-free.



Listening to all the success stories you would be definitely tempted to play the Irish Lotto game. Ensure that you keep in mind all the tips and tricks and also keep in mind not to go astray with that budget.

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