When I Become a Lotto Winner, What Happens?

A lot of individuals envision what it would mean to have a fortune in their lives; but, what logistics are involved in winning a million dollars in Lotto?  Where Western Australia is concerned, this entails going to the dark winner’s room with no windows, in the Lotterywest’s unattractive Subiaco building then getting together with Ms Pina Compagnone.

Ms Compagnone comes across many people who cry in happiness; however, she also witnesses mixed feelings, out-of-control laughter and at times, maximum fatigue.

The other day, a man became a winner one Saturday night. On Sunday the head office does not open. Therefore, he went there on Monday morning very early,’ she informed ABC Radio Perth Focus.

‘The man had not slept at all due to the thrill he was experiencing; however, when I went to talk to him, he lay sleeping on the sofa as he was simply so tired. Therefore, I has to rouse him. He was a winner of $2 million.’’

‘Then we encounter individuals who giggle without stopping. They excitement is so great that they cannot utter a word.’

Confidentiality is vital to overnight millionaires

Nowadays, few individuals wish to declare to everyone that they have become Lotto winners. Before they reveal themselves, it is possible that they are unaware of the amount they will claim.

Newsagents who trade in tickets are advised not to inform the winner in case they are unable to break the news secretly, and if a person uses a machine to examine their tickets, it is just going to inform them to get in touch with the office then prepare to go to the winners’ room; the precise sum is however, not disclosed.

Not long ago, Ms Compagnone came across a man who believed he had become a winner of thousands of dollars but later found out it was millions.

In addition to tissues, water, and chocolate, Pina Compagnone additionally offers people one advice booklet from the two available. The determining factor is if they have hit below or above $5 million.

This booklet offers tax advice. These winnings are exempt from tax; however, the interested gained is not.

‘Most of the winners we have wish to maintain utmost secrecy regarding the news, and this is logical and it is their right,’ she stated. The more the number of people they inform, the more queries they need to provide answers for.

In stringent terms, the ticket owner is under no obligation to disclose to their partner, leave alone friends and kids. However, a lot of individuals pass the

information to close family; alternatively, they avoid disclosing the sum they have won.

Avoid giving up your job yet

When winners visit they obtain a novelty cheque; but, the genuine cash is deposited into the bank accounts they hold, a couple of weeks following the draw, even though some individuals are in a hurry to leave their jobs.

Ms Compagnone remarked, ‘At times a winner comes in and they call their workplace and say that they would not report the following day nor ever again.’

For the majority however, the truth is that hitting the lottery does not signify that they can go on retirement; they may be the latest millionaire, but not fully.

Ms Compagnone stated, ‘On average, the prize for division is slightly more than $1 million.’

Many times, it is not sufficient for individuals to give up their work in case they have kids who depend on them.

‘It is adequate to become extremely comfortable, but inadequate for retirement.’

According to her, purchasing a home or paying it off, going on vacation, and assisting close members of the family financially is how majority of the people spent their winnings.

News stories offer contradictory stories regarding newfound riches leading to conflict with friends and children; however, a lot of people are satisfied, she claimed.

‘As time goes, we call them to find out their progress and the life many of them lead is one that is joyous and healthy.’

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