Winning a Big Jackpot Was Not the Main Goal for This Irishman

Lottery winning stories are quite interesting, and they also play the role of motivating others to participate in lotteries. For most players around the world, a lottery is about winning big time. A common goal is to be a millionaire. While that’s something most people have in mind when buying lottery tickets or placing bets on lotteries, it is not always the case. Some people are happy to win a small prize because they are not looking to change their lives. Let’s hear it from someone who wanted some money only to renovate his house entirely but did not have the money to do so.

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I Wasn’t in a Hurry but I Couldn’t Wait

So, I was living in the house that my parents had purchased 40 years ago. My parents had passed away and I was their only son. The house was my inheritance and I never wanted to sell it because I could feel my parents in it. However, the whole building had worn out quite a bit after 40 years. My dad used to take care of the house when he was young but could not do so when he grew old. When I married my wife, I had promised her that I was going to change this house completely by giving it a makeover.

At the time of making that promise, I had no idea how much money I would spend on the marriage function. After looking at the list of things that I had to do, I realized I was going to be quite close to being completely out of money after bearing all the expenses. However, I married the woman I loved the most and she was supportive. She never complained about the house being in worn out condition or even reminded me about the promise. She knew that I was more like starting all over from the beginning in terms of my savings after my wedding function.

Of course, I needed the house to be renovated badly but I was not in a hurry because it was not an emergency. At the same time, there was something inside me pushing me to do something about the situation as soon as possible because I felt guilty in front of my wife who was nothing but supportive to me. While I was saving tiny bits of money every month, I started to buy 49 tickets in hopes of winning an amount that could help me make this home renovation dream come true.

Irish Lotto Was a Huge Help

So I was buying one ticket every week and sometimes I would bet more than £1 just to be a bit adventurous. After a few months, I started to doubt that I was ever going to win anything. However, that’s when I discovered that I could win enough money by matching fewer numbers by increasing the size of my bet. So, if I matched only four numbers with the drawn results but my stake was £5, I could win around £36,000. That was enough money for me to completely renovate the house and bring in a pristine form to make my wife happy.

Since I used to purchase only one ticket a week, it was not really a big problem for me to increase my stake. I started playing with this strategy now. Rather than picking five numbers, I only betted on four numbers but kept my stake at around £5 every time. I just had this belief that this strategy was going to work for me and help me bring home the money that was enough to make my home look like new again.

My Strategy Worked for Me

Days went by and my faith did not dwindle. After a few months, I had finally achieved something big. With a big stake of £5 on four numbers, I was able to match all of the numbers I had picked. I had won big. Yes, it was not as big as a jackpot that changes people’s lives. However, it was enough for me to give my wife something that I had promised her a very long time ago. Now, I was impatient to tell my wife about it. Right after coming back from my office in the evening, I started talking to her while having a cup of tea.

During the conversation, I asked her how she would want the home to be renovated I we ever got the money. And then she started explaining things to me. It was at that moment I realized that she had already thought a lot about the renovation in her mind. She might have never talked about it to me or bothered me with this extra worry, but this desire of being in a new house was always there in her heart. Somehow, I managed to retain my manliness and did not let a tear fall from my eyes while she was explaining everything.

After she stopped telling me how she wanted things to change, I just hugged her. The first thing I said to her in her ear was, “Thank you!” As emotional as some women can be, she started crying at that very moment without even knowing what I was thanking her for. And then I told her we were going to have the house renovated exactly how she wanted within a week. After that, I explained everything how I arranged the money and how Irish Lotto helped me win enough to make her dream a reality.

You Don’t Always Have to Win the Jackpot

Yes, there is no doubt that jackpots are quite an attraction. Winning enough money to change your life is an experience that only those who have won that money can describe. All I want to say is that you don’t always have to aim to win the jackpot. If you need money for a particular project, play the lottery strategically. That’s where 49 lottery comes in. This is one of the very few lotteries in the world that lets you strategize and control your winnings in a manner. I would also like to thank Irish Lotto Online Website for introducing this amazing lottery to me that helped me make my wife happy.

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