Winning in the Irish Lotto

In the 1980s, the Irish hospital Sweepstakes changed its name to the Irish Lotto and began a lottery draw that gives players from across the globe a chance to be millionaires. For convenience, you do not have to walk to a retailer to get the tickets since they are available online. All you need is an internet enabled device, and you can take chances in becoming a millionaire.

Which Numbers Win

There are no specific winning numbers as the Irish lotto results are different every time there is a draw. A player chooses 6 numbers between 1 and 45. These numbers can also be generated automatically. A player wins the lottery if all the six numbers they chose matches what has been picked randomly although the total balls drawn are seven. The jackpot is always rolled to the next draw if there is no winner and the amount is increased.

Smaller Prizes

There is a minimum payout to those that combine five numbers plus a bonus number. The prizes do not depend on the revenue from the ticket sales, and this is the second division. In the third division of the Irish lotto results, it involves a match of 5 numbers while four numbers are awarded in the fourth division. To win in the fifth division main numbers must be matched. In the sixth division, the winner must match three main numbers plus the bonus number. In the seventh division which is the lowest, the winner must match three numbers that have been drawn. This means that as long as you match 3 to 6 of the numbers drawn, you have a prize.

Irish Lotto Winning

How are the Prizes Determined?

The winners from the fourth to the seventh division get their prizes from the ticket sales revenue unlike in the jackpot and the second division. A certain percentage is taken from the revenue generated. In the third division, there is a standard prize of €5 which does not depend on the ticket sales revenue. There is no part payment as winners are paid in lump sums.

Can a Win Be a Fraud?

Irish lotto is legitimate and has been around for close to three decades now. Since the internet and technology advancements have increased the sales of lotto tickets online, there are always scammers who will contact with congratulation messages. It is funny that they send you emails whether you have participated or not. Since the scammers will ask you to send a certain amount to them, you should ignore this. You are not required to pay any fees for winning.

Initially, the Irish Lotto which began in order to fund good causes in the country, draws would take place every week. This has however changed with time since there are two draws per week happening on Wednesday and Saturday in the evening. The lottery still supports good causes while awarding the winners with a certain percentage of the money gathered. The money is invested in healthcare and recreational facilities, welfare, sports as well as the Heritage and Arts of Ireland.

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